Fill a Hot Tub

The Steps to Fill a Hot Tub

It takes practice to be able to establish the best way to fill up your hot tub. It all comes down to trial and error, and what works best for each person. It is simple and effective for many to fill their hot tub with a garden hose. Through this blog, we will go over all the steps to make the transition smoother for all first-time buyers.

Safety Precautions:

Before reaching for your hose, the first step in filling your hot tub should actually be ensuring all power is turned off. The circuit breaker should be where you turn off all power to the hot tub, including the pump and jets. This first step is taken as a preventative measure to reduce the possibility of electrocution or other damage.

Before Filling:

Before you fill your hot tub with water for the first time, it is crucial to determine its permanent location in your home. You want to try and avoid being in a position where your tub will need to be moved later on, for whatever reason. Therefore, you should do your research before you place your hot tub in a particular spot, to determine that no issues will arise in the future. There are definitely specific requirements that need to be met when it comes to finding the right spot for your tub. This ultimately is based around safety measures and having accessibility to your tub. So, before filling, ensure everyone is happy with the location and it is in a safe and secure spot.

After this first step is complete, make sure that your pump connections are secure and tight. Finally, remove the filter closest to the control panel, as water should flow directly through this fitting.

How To Fill Your Hot Tub:

At this time, your hot tub should be completely turned off and in its final resting position. So, what’s next?

Start by placing your hose into the skimmer, keeping an eye on it as it fills. Although each hot tub’s fill time will vary, most hot tubs take around 30 minutes to an hour. It is important to check the water level periodically so it does not overflow.

You should see a line marked on your tub indicating the appropriate levels to fill. Putting enough water to reach this mark ultimately avoids any damage occurring to your pumps or jets, as you don’t want to risk running these mechanisms dry.

Due to the fact that they won’t be able to run properly if there is not enough water, many people might think that overfilling their tub is the solution. However, it is also important to consider how water will rise when people enter the tub. Therefore, we recommend sticking to the indicated line so that everything runs as it should, without the risk of water overflowing.

The Last Steps:

After filling the hot tub, if your model offers a priming cycle, you can proceed with this step. This will ultimately check that all sensors are working correctly before power is restored to the pumps. If you have a hot tub with a 2-pump system, the next step is to turn on your jets.

One important thing to remember when filling your tub, is to make sure you use all your senses in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Before you go about your day, make sure that you hear and see that the jets are properly working. You will then need to check that your filters are free of any air pockets. This can be done by flipping them over and reinstalling. Finally, because your hot tub is already filled with water from the hose, it’s important to add the chemicals that are needed for your tub and water level.

Although the process of filling a hot tub with water may seem straightforward, there are several important steps that must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

We hope that you now feel more confident in filling your hot tub. To learn more download our free hot tub buyer’s guide to learn how to select the right hot tub for your specific needs.

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