How Much Electricity Does a Swim Spa Use

The Perfect Year Round Pool

While we don’t have the harsh winters and icy temperatures that our northern neighbors do, full-sized inground pools are typically not enjoyable to use in the winter. Fortunately, if you want to have the perfect year-round pool that also requires little maintenance, there are some options. Both swim spas and hot tubs can efficiently and cost-effectively be heated to use anytime throughout the year. Learn more about these great, all-season pool alternatives you may want to consider instead.

Perfect Year-Round Swim Spa

While swim spas are ideal for athletes and fitness-minded individuals, they are also great for just enjoying a leisurely swim and to relax in. Their adjustable pumps create a current that is strong enough to hold you in place while you swim, so you never have to keep turning around and doing laps. In a sense, a swim spa is the aquatic equivalent of a dryland treadmill, but they can do so much more.

Swim spas have a much smaller volume of water than a regular swimming pool. At around eight feet wide, four feet deep, and lengths ranging from 12 to 19 feet, swim spas are great for those that don’t have a lot of backyard space and are much more versatile than a pool. Many swim spas also feature hydrotherapy seats and have a section where the water can be heated to the temperature of a hot tub to relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage. Really, a swim spa is the perfect exercise pool and hot tub combined into one.

By using properly insulated and fitted cover, you will be able to keep your swim spa running throughout the winter and use year-round. Is the swim spa the perfect year-round pool? We think so!

Perfect Year-Round Hot Tub

If you enjoy warm, relaxing water all year round, why not choose a hot tub? Larger models let you float and relax plus they feature fantastic therapeutic massage programs to enhance your overall well being. Instead of dipping your toes into icy pool water on a winter day, why not soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub and melt your stress away.

Plus, hot tubs don’t just have to be used in the winter, they are fantastic to enjoy in the heat of the summer as well. Just turn down, or turn off the water heater and you’ll have a refreshing plunge pool to dip into. 

While hot tubs are generally known for leisure and relaxation, they also are beneficial for athletes and can be used for exercise. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use the warm water as an integral part of their warm-up routine before going on to their main workout, helping to loosen muscles and prevent injuries. And for those who suffer from mobility or balance issues, a hot tub can provide a safe and pleasant environment for a therapeutic exercise routine. 

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