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The Importance of Knowing the Width of a Swim Spa

Various factors come into play when choosing your perfect swim spa and the space you have to work with alongside your budget and preferences are all things to keep in mind. But what are the dimensions of a swim spa, and why is this information so important to know? 

What Are the Dimensions of a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are generally about the same width and depth regardless of the make, model or manufacturer. These standard sizes are 7 to 8 feet wide, 4 to 5 feet deep and were established for safety and to provide the ultimate comfort. However, the height can vary greatly from one swim spa to the next, so it’s important to be aware of all measurements to plan your installation accordingly. 

Before you begin this planning process, you want to ensure that your backyard has enough room for the swim spa you’re looking to get. When measuring your space, you will also need to consider the additional room required along all sides of your spa. Generally speaking, you will need to have 3 feet between the spa and your home or property line for safety reasons. Also, whether you’re considering installing it above or below ground or if you’d like any other landscape work done will influence this process as well. When planning your backyard around a new swim spa addition, it’s a good idea to envision whether or not you might want to include a deck or stonework, for example. By planning the entire yard before installing your swim spa, you can ensure there’s enough space for everything. This will provide you with a better idea of how large the swim spa is that you can get.

Why It’s Important to Know a Swim Spa’s Size

Swim spas can range anywhere from 10 feet to 19 feet long. Swim spas on the larger end, of course, allow more room for activities and such; however, smaller or mid-sized spas also provide many benefits to those using them. The size of the spa isn’t only important for knowing how much room you’ll need to install it, but also how you’ll install it. The bigger the size is, the more water will be required to fill it. Once water is added, it becomes even more imperative that you have either installed a concrete slab, a deck or put additional support systems in place prior to installation. Hiring a professional is your best bet to ensure this is done right, and even more so if you’re planning on doing an in-ground install. If you’re not sure how this process works or what the best practices are for a swim spa installation, you can reach out to a hot tub dealer near you, as they will be able to assist you with this. 

Choosing the Perfect Swim Spa

The perfect swim spa will depend on a variety of factors, but first thing’s first is ensuring you have the proper space to house it. Secondly, you’ll need to check that the cost is in line with your budget. When choosing the right swim spa for you and your family, it’s important to know the specific benefits you’re hoping to receive from it. If you’re a competitive swimmer looking for the perfect space to practice, the swim spa you choose will be very different than if you’re looking for a spa that your whole family can play in. For example, Hydropool offers many models to choose from that will fit with any preference, swimming ability and budget. While some of these options are designed with one versatile space that includes ergonomic hot tub seating and jets for the perfect swim, others have separate sections. The latter option includes swim spas with a hot tub on one side and an aquatic gym on the other. Both provide the same benefits, and the width and depth will typically be the standard swim spa size regardless of the model you choose. Therefore, it’s merely up to you which layout you prefer and what the length of the spa is in relation to your space.

Many different aspects will influence your decision, and knowing the dimensions of a spa compared to the size of your yard is essential. Knowing that the depth and width of a swim spa are generally the same measurements across the board, helps with this planning. To find your perfect swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide today.

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