Executive Trainer Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

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Executive Trainer

Product Features

Shell dimensions:
220″ x 93″ / 559 cm x 236 cm
52.75″ / 134 cm
Weight (Full):
22,948 lbs / 10,412 kg
Weight (Empty):
3,028 lbs / 1,374 kg
2,378 US Gal / 9038 L
Therapy Jets:
Hydrotherapy seats:

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Introducing the all-new, 19 foot Executive Trainer Self-Cleaning Swim Spa. A fiberglass, reinforced acrylic one-piece mini pool that provides you with even more room to swim, jog, exercise, play or relax. The Hydropool Executive Trainer is truly an all-in-one hot tub, swimming pool, and aquatic gym, plus it features two multi-therapy massage seats. Designed to deliver a turbulence-free swim with no undertow or backwash, simply just a clean, powerful jet stream, the Executive Trainer Swim Spa is not only perfect for athletes of all levels but everyone in the family.

Visit our showroom to discover the cutting-edge swim spa that is affordable and requires less space and less maintenance than any other conventional pool.


  • Fully Programmable
  • Turbulence Free Swim
  • Patented V-Twin Jets
  • Underwater LED Safety Lighting
  • Self-Cleaning Technology

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Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Mar 16