AquaTrainer 16 fX Swim Spa

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16 fX AquaTrainer

Product Features

Shell dimensions:
186″ x 93″ / 473 cm x 236.2 cm
49″ / 124.5 cm
Weight (Full):
18677 lbs / 8474 kgs
Weight (Empty):
2460 lbs / 1116 kgs
1944 US Gal / 7358 L
Hydrotherapy seats:

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The 16ft AquaTrainer Swim Spa brings together the best of all worlds. Not only is it a pool and hot tub, but it also functions as a high-level aquatic gym. The options are endless: you can swim, run, exercise, play, or relax. The current can be adjusted from zero to an Olympic IronMan pace. After your workout, relax in one of the two spacious hydrotherapy massage seats or full body lounger for a targeted massage.

One of the best aspects of this swim spa is its advanced filtration system, which is the most energy-efficient in the world. In just 40 minutes it can filter all of the swim spa’s water and it features a dual core filter plus a floor vacuum and surface skimmer so you don’t have to lift a finger. It would take eight to ten hours to filter the volume of water using a traditional pool filtration system.

Because it involves practically zero maintenance, this is a great swim spa for those who want to spend their time enjoying their families and lives.

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Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Jul 3