AquaSport 16 fX Swim Spa

Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
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16 fX AquaSport

Product Features

Shell dimensions:
186″ x 93″ / 473 cm x 236.2 cm
49″ / 124.5 cm
Weight (Full):
18677 lbs / 8474 kgs
Weight (Empty):
2460 lbs / 1116 kgs
1944 US Gal / 7358 L
Hydrotherapy seats:

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For the ultimate aquatic and fitness center, the AquaSport 16ft swim spa is the ideal choice as it provides hours of family fun, relaxation, and exercise. Whether you want to ride the waves on a boogie board, challenge yourself by swimming against the current, entertain your friends and family, or do a unique water aerobic workout, you’ll have the features you need. The AquaSport is also far cheaper to run than a swimming pool, which makes it an excellent fit for any budget.

You’ll spend little time maintaining this swim spa because of its advanced, self-cleaning system. In just 45 minutes, it can filter your entire swim spa which makes it the world’s most energy-efficient system. With a built-in skimmer and vacuum, you’ll spend very little time cleaning and can use your time to enjoy your swim spa with friends and family.

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Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Jul 3