14 AX AquaSport Swim Spa

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174″ long x 93″ wide x 52.75″ tall
Weight (Full):
18,445 lbs / 8,369 Kg
Weight (Empty):
2,532 lbs / 1149 Kg
7220 L / 1900 US Gallons
1 x 5 hp, 1 x 4 hp
Therapy Jets:


  • Exclusive Self-Cleaning Technology
  • Hydrowise Thermal Shield Insulation Technology
  • Pressurized Micro-Filtration
  • HydroClean Floor Vacuum
  • AccuFlo Swim Jets
  • Soft Stride Mat
  • Ice Bucket
  • LED Lighting
  • 2 x Hydrofall Pillows
  • Dual Performance Flow Intakes

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The AquaSport 14 AX features a 14.5 foot swim tank that offers plenty of room for both swimming and soaking. At 53 inches deep, the fiberglass reinforced, acrylic shell utilizes ergonomic design and innovative engineering to reduce water turbulence and produce a natural swimming experience. AccuFlo swim jets generate a steady swimming current while the Dual Performance Flow intakes reduce turbulence-causing backsplash. Four hydrotherapy seats and 31 therapy jets administer relaxing massage to the back, legs, and feet. Self-cleaning technology means you’ll spend more time in the water and less time cleaning it. The AquaSport 14 AX provides a compact and affordable family setting for swimming, exercising and relaxing.

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Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Jun 11