AquaSport 12 fX Swim Spa

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12 fX AquaSport

Product Features

Shell dimensions:
150″ x 93″ / 381 cm x 236 cm
49″ / 124.5 cm
Weight (Full):
14403 lbs / 6535 kgs
Weight (Empty):
1984 lbs / 900 kgs
1489 Gal / 5635 L
Hydrotherapy seats:

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Not only is the 12 fX Swim Spa the perfect size for fun and family time, but it also functions as an aquatic gym. It measures just 150” x 93” and fits easily into small spaces.

This swim spa has something for everyone. Whether you want to get a full-body workout by swimming stationary laps, work out your upper body and arms by rowing, or run or jog in the water for cardiovascular endurance, this swim spa is for you. With three full-body massage seats you can unwind and relax while your kids splash and play in the shallow water.

This model is also equipped with Hydropool’s exclusive self-cleaning system, which is the only self-cleaning option in the world. Maintenance is minimal with its built-in floor vacuum system, automatic water treatment system, and surface skimmer.

Choose from four different acrylic and cabinet options to personalize this swim spa to your unique style. If you would like to wet test this swim spa, contact us today.

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Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Jul 3