Steering Clear of Swim Spa Maintenance Mistakes

While high-quality swim spas are usually easy to maintain, there are a few common mistakes you’ll want to avoid to keep yours in great shape.

Below you’ll learn about which mistakes to avoid so you can maximize your swim spa experience.

Don’t Use Household Cleaning Products

Keeping your swim spa clean is probably a priority for you, but you can’t clean it with just anything. In particular, you’ll want to avoid using household cleaners.

While household cleaners work great for bathtubs and showers, their harsh chemicals can damage your swim spa’s lining and internal components. Everyday cleaners also cause problems when they react with other swim spa chemicals. Not only can this throw off the balance of your water, but it can create toxic gases that can be very dangerous to your users.

Always stick to products that are recommended by your swim spa dealer or manufacturer and use them as directed.

Protect Your Swim Spa from Hair and Body Oils

While it’s unrealistic to ask the people who use your swim spa to wear swim caps at all times, wearing a swim cap over long hair during workouts can ensure that your swim spa stays in great shape. Long hair can cause clogs to your drain and filter, which places a high demand on the pump and can even cause it to prematurely wear out, leaving you with costly repairs.

Body oils can also create issues for your swim spa as they build up and clog the filter. Make it a habit to shower each time you use the swim spa to eliminate any makeup, hair products, suntan lotions, and other oils.

Keep Track of Temperature

Although swim spas can handle a range of temperatures, you’ll want to avoid keeping the water too hot or too cold. Exceptionally cold water freezes more easily, making it likely to damage your pipes and internal parts. Likewise, water that is too warm can result in high bacteria levels, which will make your water smell less than ideal. Make sure to use the recommendations provided by your dealer or manufacturer when you’re deciding on the right temperature for your swim spa.

Don’t Forget the Cover

Using a cover correctly is one of the best things you can do to reduce your energy consumption and keep your swim spa clean and clog-free. Invest in a high-quality cover to keep dirt and debris from invading your swim spa.

Now that you’ve found out about swim spa mistakes you’ll want to avoid, download our buyer’s guide and view our variety of swim spas.

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