Mesh Safety Pool Covers

No other mesh pool safety cover will ever be as strong as the LOOP LOC ‘Elephant’ Cover. Keeping your pool safe during the offseason is a must. The right pool cover should meet the American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It should prevent kids and animals from falling through as well as allow water from rain and snow to pass through to ensure no standing water. The revolutionary LOOP LOC safety covers have been tested to the highest safety standards and are strong enough to support a baby elephant, hence the nickname ‘Elephant Covers.’

Why Choose the LOOP LOC Mesh Pool Safety Covers

The mesh in the LOOP LOC covers provides additional benefits not featured by many other types of pool covers. Some of the reasons why LOOP LOC is the best choice include:

The pool cover has a dense mesh

The LOOP LOC covers are manufactured using super strong, dense mesh which allows melting snow and water to drain through while blocking almost all the sunlight. The mesh The covers are ideal for any person who wants to prevent excess sunlight and debris falling through.

The Cover is super strong

The covers are manufactured using high-quality materials which makes it safe for both people and animals.

Ease of customization

The right pool cover should be a perfect fit for the pool. Not all pools are the same shape and size. LOOP LOC uses a computer-aided design to provide a customized pool cover for any pool shape and size.

Pool cover treatments

The LOOP LOC safety covers are unique and come prepared with various treatments including the AQUA-LOC zipper treatment, CABLE-LOC as well as PROTECT-A-GAP. These help to close the gaps caused by raised obstructions where kids and animals could fall through. They make it impossible for kids to slip and fall into the pool.

The LOOP LOC pool covers are amongst the best covers available today as they not only meet the ASTM standards but significantly exceed them. Plus, they are highly durable, lightweight and are easy to carry. Get yourself a LOOP LOC mesh safety pool cover and enjoy the numerous benefits of our leading technology.

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