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Selecting the Right Swim Spa for Your Climate

In many places, when winter hits, the cold and snow will quickly follow. When choosing a swim spa for your home, it’s important to consider your climate and what features might make for the best fit. Generally speaking, swim spas are made to be used all year long; however, some are better suited for certain climates than others. Below, we’ll be speaking more about the top aspects to look for when choosing a swim spa for a snowy winter. Here’s what you should know if you’re in the market for a new swim spa.

1. A Swim Spa’s Insulation

The insulation of a swim spa is the first aspect to consider when deciding which make and model will be best for your home. Not only should proper insulation keep your swim spa warmer for longer, but it should, in turn, also keep your monthly heating bill from skyrocketing. When looking at models of higher quality that are built to last through even the harshest winters, you will find insulation throughout most of the spa. In addition, you will likely see that certain spas have insulation between the shell and cabinet as an extra layer of security and protection from the cold. This is one thing to keep in mind, and if you’re unsure of this specific feature when browsing swim spas, you can reach out to a spa dealer near you for assistance.

2. A Swim Spa Filter

The filtration process of a swim spa will also play a key role in how effectively it stands up in the wintertime. Ultimately, the faster the filtration time is, the quicker water can move throughout the swim spa and, in turn, the faster hot water will be able to circulate, too. This will be a telling sign of how energy-efficient the swim spa will be, and if you’re curious about what this should look like, you can turn to Hydropool for an example. These swim spas filter 100% of the water every 45 minutes, so you can be sure that fresh water is always circulating. This feature alone makes it one of the most energy-efficient spas on the market, even in the depths of winter.

3. A Swim Spa’s Heat-Exchange System

In simple terms, a swim spa’s heat-exchange system takes all of the heat that’s created from the running parts of the spa and reuses it. In turn, heat isn’t wasted but rather recycled back into the swim spa for further heating. When looking at swim spas, be sure to keep an eye out for this, as it can be incredibly beneficial in the long run, especially in climates that have below-zero temperatures.

4. A Swim Spa’s Plumbing

Speaking of the functioning parts of a swim spa, you can also take a look at the plumbing to determine how effective it will be in the winter. Be sure to check where the spa’s plumbing is located, as there should be insulation surrounding it to keep it in the best working condition regardless of the season. If a make or model has the pipes and plumbing within insulation, then you decrease the risk of them being exposed to cold air and potentially freezing. This is one of the many reasons why you should be mindful that some swim spas are better equipped and manufactured for cold temperatures than others. By discussing specific features, such as pipes and plumbing, with a professional, you can better understand how well it can hold up in harsh winter conditions.

There are many things to remember when choosing a swim spa for your home, and climate plays a large role in which one will be best. For many, Hydropool swim spas are ideal due to their eco-friendly, sustainable features. Because they are made with the intention of lasting for many years throughout cold and snowy days, you can depend on this brand to provide you with exceptional products that will last.

By keeping in mind certain aspects like insulation, filtration times, a heat-exchange system, and more, you can be sure your spa will continue providing all of its benefits regardless of the time of year. To learn more about choosing the perfect spa for your home, download our free buyer’s guide today.

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