Select the Right Hot Tub for Your Lifestyle

When it comes to hot tubs, each user’s needs will be very different from the next. Some people look to hot tubs for relaxation while others soak to relieve pain.

Below, you’ll learn how to make the right hot tub decision by considering your needs and lifestyle.

The Perfect Location

Before you step foot in a hot tub dealer’s showroom, it’s essential to decide where your hot tub will be located. You have many options including indoors, outdoors, in your yard, or on your patio or deck. Once you decide, measure the area and take this information to your dealer.

If you choose the perfect location first, your dealer will be able to direct you for the best hot tubs for your installation needs, which can save you time by narrowing your options. It can also prevent future stress if you purchase a hot tub that won’t fit where you want to install it.

Perfect Size

Choosing the right size of hot tub can be tricky, especially if you aren’t certain how many people will use the hot tub. To get the best number, imagine the occasions when you’ll use it and how many people will usually be included.

If you frequently entertain large groups or have a big family, you may need a hot tub that can hold up to 10 people while if you prefer to have more intimate experiences, a cozy hot tub for three may be ideal. In addition, remember that if you have small children they may not use the hot tub now but they will use it more in the future.

Before you decide on any hot tub, request a “wet test” from your dealer so you know what it’s like to sit in the full hot tub. Notice the comfort level of the seats and ensure that there is plenty of seating and foot space for all users.

Perfect Features

The highest quality hot tubs may cost more initially, but they provide superior features and will keep you satisfied while saving you money over the years. Read online reviews of the hot tubs you’re considering and make sure they have the features and quality you’re looking for. Remember that quality hot tubs tend to be more energy-efficient, require fewer repairs and easier maintenance, and save you money on heating.

Always work with a dealer you can trust and investigate them by reading customer reviews. Make sure to ask them about warranties and find out if they have staff available to provide maintenance and repairs.

A Perfect Maintenance Experience

If you don’t want to spend tons of time on maintenance, there are many hot tubs that can help make maintenance faster and easier. Be on the lookout for self-cleaning technologies, such as those found in Hydropool hot tubs. They can skim, vacuum, and filter the water for you so you can spend your time relaxing or having quality time with family and friends.

A Perfect Massage

The best hot tubs have massage options that allow you to receive an individualized massage that targets the muscles you choose. Some of the top hot tubs, including those from Hydropool, utilize a “zone” system. With this system, users move from seat to seat while the jets in each seat offer a customized massage in a particular area of your body. You can select settings for energy, sleep, or other outcomes.

Now that you have a stronger sense of which hot tub features are perfect for your lifestyle, learn more about specific hot tubs by downloading our hot tub buyers’ guide.

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