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Relieving Nerve Pain With Hot Tubs

Originally designed to help with specific pain, hot tubs provide countless more benefits today. While nerve pain can be incredibly persistent and might feel like it’s impossible to receive any relief, hot tubs provide the ideal space to improve one’s overall health and wellness. From easing mild aches and pains to helping with post-injuries, arthritis relief and more, there are endless ways that hot tubs can improve your health and overall quality of life. Here’s how.

Hot Tubs and Pain Management

People worldwide have gotten relief from various types of pain, tension and inflammation by using hydrotherapy to their advantage. This aquatic therapy that hot tubs provide creates the perfect environment to heal and rejuvenate. With the combination of jets and warm water, hot tubs provide a weightlessness that eases tension and pressure from your joints and targets specific areas in pain. Did you know that hot tubs are often used for rehabilitation? Because they provide a space for people to move about freely or exercise in a very low-impact environment, hot tubs are ideal for improving one’s overall health.

The multiple zones of Hydropool’s jet systems allow you to target the areas of your body that need the relief most. Whether you experience nerve pain resulting from issues in your lower back, upper back, neck, etc., the various jet zones allow you to customize your massage. With jets in the feet, legs, back, neck and shoulder areas, you are bound to receive the relief you need regardless of where the pain is stemming from. For many, nerve pain might result from sciatica issues. However, jets in this area combined with the warm water of a hot tub will increase the blood flow to that area. With increased blood flow comes a quicker healing time. As a result, not only does a hot tub provide excellent targeted pain relief, but it also improves the overall state of your body and encourages blood flow all around.

Because not everyone’s pain is the same, whether in its capacity or location, Hydropool’s hot tub zone therapy allows everyone to receive the relief they need. And because nerve pain is often a result of inflammation, many individuals will experience help with this by regularly using a hot tub or spa.

What is Zone Therapy in a Hot Tub?

Zone Therapy was designed to provide every person with a custom massage. Hydropool is all about versatility, and the design of their jets is just one example of this. Whether you are dealing with extreme back pain, constant headaches, aching feet, immense stress or more, there is a jet zone that can help. Here are the various zone options and what they are intended to help with.

Zone 1, also known as the Core Zone, focuses on an individual’s shoulders and mid-back. Many people will have inflammation in this area, or carry their stress here, which can cause other issues in your body. This zone can relieve muscle and nerve pain and help reduce the regularity or intensity of a headache.

Zone 2, which is the Lower Body Zone, targets the hips, lower back and thighs. If you’re experiencing any mobility issues, these jet settings will help.

The Upper Body Zone, also known as Zone 3, focuses on the base of your skull, upper shoulder and upper back area. Once again, many people will carry stress here, and the jets in this area can help melt away that tension.

Zone 4 is the Reflexology Zone, which features jets around your feet and ankles. If you’re someone who is on their feet all day long, then these jets will be excellent for reducing the pain here.

Hydropool hot tubs can help relieve all sorts of aches and pains and even the most constant kind. Although it might not feel like there’s a whole lot that can help with nerve pain, a hot tub actually provides an incredible environment to heal and find some relief.

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