Reasons to Choose a Hydropool Swim Spa

With so many swim spa manufacturers out there, it’s hard to know which one to choose. To make sure you find a manufacturer that will meet your needs as a swim spa owner, you’ll want to consider maintenance, versatility, reputation, and more.

Hydropool is the world’s top swim spa manufacturer. In this blog post, you’ll learn what sets them apart and how they can make your life as a swim spa owner easier.

A terrific reputation is one of the first things to look for when you want to know whether a manufacturer is right for you. You can learn about a manufacturer’s reputation through online research, customer reviews, and by simply visiting the dealer.

Hydropool has long been known as one of the most reputable companies in the swim spa industry. They are one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers and have been in the industry for over 35 years. They’ve also been manufacturing exceptional swim spas for more than 20 years.

Energy Use

How efficiently swim spas use their energy is a very important consideration for consumers. The best manufacturers will provide products with exceptional energy efficiency. For example, Hydropool swim spas can filter all of the hot tub’s water in 40 minutes, while competitors’ models take from 6 to 8 hours to do so.

Hydropool also utilizes specialized Thermal Shield technology. This provides outstanding insulation for the swim spa, allowing it to reuse waste heat and saving you energy and money.

Finding the Perfect Swim

There are many swim spas on the market, but you want one that provides you with a perfectly smooth swim. For two decades, Hydropool has been committed to improving their swim spas to create an exceptional swim. Through a combination of balanced hydraulics and high water volume, Hydropool swim spas achieve a deep, wide channel where you can comfortably perform every stroke.

Hydropool also incorporates Swim Fin technology to destroy the vortex the jets create and ensure that your swim is calmer than any other swim spa. They also offer a superior shell design that eliminates backsplash that can create a choppy swim.

Finally, all Hydropool swim spas have a current you can easily adjust with a single controller. This is a huge improvement over competitors’ jets, which can’t be simultaneously adjusted.

Self-Cleaning Swim Spas

One of the top reasons Hydropool swim spas are so well respected is because of self-cleaning technology that makes maintenance extremely easy for owners. Their swim spas eliminate skimming by incorporating filtration jets that move any debris on the surface of the water into the skimmer. They also eliminate the need for vacuuming via a pre-filter that contains large debris and floor filtration jets that move heavy floor debris into the vacuum.

Because Hydropool uses an easy access filtration system that utilizes a pushing motion instead of a pulling one, water can be quickly filtered.

Outstanding Versatility

Not only can swim spas be excellent for exercise, but they also provide endless opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation for your entire family. Hydropool swim spas are equipped for versatility, offering a variety of exercise options as well as features that provide fun and stress relief.
From rowing or running against a resistance tether to experiencing a deep post-workout massage, you’ll have access to everything you need for a complete workout. In addition, your kids will have a variety of fun options from splashing in the shallow water to boogie boarding in the wave pool.

Pump Design

Hydropool’s sophisticated pump design is another way they create a smooth swim. Their advanced pump system is markedly different from competitors with its carefully positioned pumps and vertical water expulsion, both of which maximize flow. Because the pumps are located near the swim jets, the jets are extremely powerful. The pump system also features a conveyor belt style, allowing water to be pushed toward the steps and eliminating turbulence.

Jet System

To achieve the perfect swim, an advanced jet system is essential. Hydropool has spent many years perfecting their jet system to make sure it creates a smooth swim. Their system has evolved from firehose jets that created a lot of turbulence to the Swim Fin System that prevents turbulence so you can experience a flat swim.

Speed and Resistance

Whether you’re a beginning or an advanced swimmer, an adjustable current is crucial to creating challenging workouts. While many swim spa manufacturers create jet systems that have to be individually adjusted, Hydropool uses Aquaflex technology which allows you to adjust the jets simultaneously. This allows you to increase your resistance without increasing turbulence. Each user can easily adjust their swim level to meet their needs. Hydropool also offers a wide range of swim spa models suited for various levels of athletes, including Aquaplay, Aquasport, Aquatrainer, and Aqua Pro Control.


Although many swim spas have rectangular designs, they can be problematic because their heavy backsplash creates a choppy swim. Hydropool features a shell design with outcrops, which eliminates backsplash and creates a calm swimming channel.


If you’re looking for energy efficiency, Hydropool has the perfect insulation system to save you money. In fact, you can run a Hydropool swim spa for just a few cents per day.

Hydropool’s Thermal Shield Technology utilizes a hard cover that traps heat from the surface of the water and recycles it. Within the cabinet, the insulated shell and Thermal Shield blanket trap motor heat and reuse it to heat the swim spa.

Thermal vents are another energy-saving innovation of Hydropool swim spas. During hot weather, they assist heat in escaping the cabinet and during cold weather, they trap heat. This ensures that your swim spa stays at the perfect temperature throughout the year.

Massage Features

When you want the most comfortable seating possible for you and your guests, Hydropool offers the design you’re looking for. Most of their swim spas feature a minimum of two seats, comfortable recessed jets, and a spacious seating area that allows several people to receive a quality massage.

Hydropool also incorporates balanced hydraulics so the flow from each jet is equal. In addition, adjustable jets allow you to massage a wide range of body areas, including jets that target your large thigh and glute muscles.


By providing exceptional warranties, Hydropool protects you from structural, parts and labor, and shell issues in the long-term, saving you money and energy on repairs.

There are many distinguishing features between Hydropool and competitors’ models, but these are some that stand out most. To find out more about how to select the perfect swim spa for your needs, download our swim spa buyer’s guide.

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