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What You Need to Know About Putting a Swim Spa on a Deck

A deck can help extend your living space, providing a welcoming spot for different activities. But can it also be the perfect spot for installing a swim spa? Below, we’ll explore the possibilities and considerations for this type of setup to help you create a retreat that captures the natural charm of the outdoors. Here’s what you should know.

Why Install Your Swim Spa on a Deck?

Many beautifully designed yards and gardens have a deck as an essential feature. Not only does it have a finish that complements the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, but it also creates a seamless transition between a home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have a deck and you’re wondering if you can put a swim spa on it, we’ve got great news! Here are some advantages you can look forward to:

Unique Charm

Most homeowners choose to install a deck for its aesthetic appeal. When you add a swim spa to it, you get an inviting centerpiece that blends the beauty of water with the natural outdoor ambiance.

Convenience and Accessibility

A deck’s raised surface provides an easier way to get in and out of a swim spa, especially for people with mobility concerns. On top of that, when your spa is on a deck that’s a few steps away from your door, you can quickly run in to grab a towel, a drink, or anything else you might need, making your swim spa experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Added Privacy

A deck’s higher platform can act as a barrier for your swim spa. This can enhance privacy and create a peaceful environment, allowing you to relax without worrying about unwanted eyes or interruptions.

Smart Use of Space

Installing a swim spa on your deck provides an efficient way to make the most of your backyard. You can create a dedicated area for fun and relaxation without taking up too much space. And because swim spas are versatile, you can also use that area for swim training, water exercises, backyard parties, and many other activities to keep you active and entertained.

To learn more about the benefits of deck installation for swim spas, you can also consult your local spa dealer.

Raised Deck Installation

Placing your swim spa on a raised deck is a great way to achieve the look and feel of an in-ground swimming pool. Not only does it look stylish but this type of installation also lets you get creative with the overall setup. You can spruce up the extra space around the swim spa by adding lounge chairs or benches, making it a cozy and inviting spot.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this type of spa setup. First, you need to consult a licensed contractor to ensure that your deck is sturdy enough to support the weight of the swim spa. When it’s filled with water and people, that could add up to thousands of pounds. This evaluation should also be done if you choose to build a deck from scratch.

Another important consideration is whether there’s enough space surrounding the swim spa. Having at least 3 feet of clearance below the deck is ideal to ensure easy access to the components. This is essential for maintenance and potential service repairs. If your deck design doesn’t allow for this much space, removable panels are a great workaround. These panels are typically designed to create a seamless look, and you can easily take them off when your swim spa needs to be serviced.

Deck Edge Installation

Some swim spa owners love the look of a raised base, but they don’t want the hassle of a fully enclosed setup. That’s where an edge-of-deck installation comes in. This style involves placing the swim spa on a raised concrete slab close to your existing deck or the planned deck area. You then extend your deck so it meets the edge of the spa, giving it a sleek and seamless look.

What’s great about a deck edge installation is that one side of the swim spa remains open. This open side makes maintenance or repairs easier, allowing convenient access to the running parts. With this option, you want to make sure that the deck finish matches or complements the swim spa exterior. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also creates a cohesive look for your outdoor space.

Exploring Simple Installation Options

If a deck setup doesn’t suit your needs or budget, you can go for a more straightforward approach. With a basic installation, you can just choose a location for your swim spa, create a solid foundation, and then simply place your swim spa on it. Just like with hot tubs, a concrete pad is the most popular choice for building a base that properly supports this kind of setup.

No matter which of these options you choose, just make sure to install the spa base on a level surface. You also need to check if your chosen location has good drainage and a nearby power supply. Additionally, it’s a good idea to find out if there are specific swim spa installation requirements in your area.

A Deck Setup Offers Exciting Possibilities

Beyond its visual appeal, a deck sets the stage for different experiences and activities. When you add a swim spa, it transforms into a dynamic oasis that adapts to your lifestyle. It’s a great option for creating a multifunctional space where you can unwind, exercise, and entertain for years to come.

You can also download our free buyer’s guide to learn more about choosing the perfect spa for you and your family.

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