Performing Swim Spa Exercises

One of the many benefits of a swim spa is that it allows you to experience a variety of exercises to keep your workout routine fresh.

Below, you’ll learn about swim spa exercises you can perform to improve your fitness, build muscle, and more.

Relax and Warm Up

Warming up is a terrific first step when you want to make sure your muscles are warm before you engage in strenuous activity. Simply immersing yourself in your swim spa can relax your muscles, reduce tension, and help you begin to unwind. To warm up, move slowly through the water while moving your arms back and forth.

If you want an even better stretch, use a stretch belt or stretching machine so your muscles are warmed up before you start your workout.

Use Jets and Currents for Resistance

Resistance adjustment is one of the best ways to challenge yourself during your workout. Change the speed and direction of your swim spas current to increase or decrease the resistance level. Then run, walk, or swim with or against the current.

Strength Building

Resistance exercises and weight lifting will help you build muscle and improve your strength. For a rowing type exercise that strengthens your back, hands, shoulders, arms, and legs, attach your resistance bands to the rowing bars and take off.

Water weights also work with the water’s resistance to give you a challenge and build strength. Wearing ankle weights can strengthen your thighs and calves while buoyancy cuffs placed around your ankles will add resistance without increasing weight.

Using a paddle wheel can also work wonders for your upper body strength. Use it for rowing style exercises to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back. Dumbbells and dragging balls can also help you improve your strength.

Running and Walking

Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply want a different kind of workout, running and walking are ideal swim spa exercises. They’re also ideal when you want to increase your cardiovascular endurance without putting stress on your joints. A great accessory for enhancing your running or walking routine is to wear a foam buoyancy belt. This will give you better posture while adding support for your lower back and giving your abdominals a good workout.

Before you start using your swim spa for exercise, speak with your doctor to make sure it is safe. If you suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems, you should definitely discuss using a swim spa with your doctor.

Now that you understand the kinds of exercises you can do in your swim spa, download our free swim spa buyer’s guide to find the best swim spa for you.

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