How Much is a Swim Spa Going to Cost?

With so many swim spas on the market ranging from basic to fully loaded, it can be hard to know which option best balances your budget and your needs.

Below you’ll learn more about swim spa price ranges so you can have a good idea of the cost of models with the specific features you need.

Pricing Overview

When you want to know how much your ideal swim spa will cost, you’ll need to do some research as the price range is enormous. For starters, the median price, or midpoint, is around $19,000. At the cheap end of the spectrum, you’ll find swim spas that cost around $6400. Once you start looking at models with more impressive features, you can expect to pay up to $29,000. Before you start looking at swim spas, try making a list of what you’ll use the swim spa for and which features you must have. This will keep you on track as you look for swim spas that will meet your needs.

Additional Costs

One thing you don’t want to forget when looking for swim spas is that there are many costs beyond the cost of the unit itself. Maintenance, installation, repairs, and electric bills should also be calculated to make sure you choose a swim spa that truly fits your budget.

Less Pricy Swim Spas

While you’ll save a lot of money on swim spas that are budget priced, it can be hard to get a good warranty at this level, so you’re likely to end up paying for some of the repair costs. It’s also important to remember that cheaper models are lower quality, so it’s more likely that your swim spa will require repairs more often. In addition, the least expensive swim spas are typically imported from China, so delivery can be expensive. It may be better to spend more on a quality swim spa that won’t cost as much to deliver.

Although swim spas that cost between $11,000 and $15,000 are often only as reliable as cheap import models, dealers in North American often offer more useful warranties. They are also more likely to have replacement parts available in house in case you need repairs.

Middle Price Range

In the middle of the price range, you’ll find swim spas that cost between $17,000 and $23,000. These swim spas will be produced by manufacturers that are well known and have good reputations. You’ll also find that these models have more features than less expensive models like more powerful jets and lighting. The warranties will also cover more and because of the swim spas’ higher quality, they will require less maintenance and fewer repairs.

High Price Range

At the highest price points, you’ll find luxury spas, that usually cost between $26,000 and $38,000. The great thing about the more expensive swim spas is that although they cost you a lot upfront, they have superior features including jets, ergonomically designed seating, and strong, lengthy warranties that cover most repairs. Their excellent quality and maintenance features will also help make your life easier.

With this overview of swim spa costs, you should have a better sense of how much you can expect to spend. Next, download our buyer’s guide and find out about the models available at various price points.

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