Maximize Your Savings with an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

When you want to save money on your hot tub, choosing an energy-efficient model can go a long way. Some hot tubs are more energy-efficient than others, so it’s important to choose a model that will truly lower your energy bills.

Below, you’ll find out more about what to look for to save as much energy as possible.

Save Energy With Self-Cleaning Features

One of the best gauges of energy efficiency is filter time. Faster filter times use far less energy than slower ones. Some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs in the world are manufactured by Hydropool. These models can filter all of your hot tub’s water in only 15 minutes. They will also vacuum and skim for you so you can use your time to relax.

Choose a Heat Shield Hard Cover

If you invest in a cover that can save you substantial heat, you will save big on your energy bills. There are specific features that maximize your cover’s efficiency, including a locking mechanism, durable materials, and a way to retain heat and insulate against cold. A tapered design with insulated baffles near the folds will also go a long way toward keeping your water hotter for longer.

Thermal Shield Blankets for Extra Insulation

Because they contain many components, there are several ways hot tubs can lose heat. Piping, cabinets, and floors are common areas where heat is lost, but an energy-efficient hot tub will lock heat in. Look for sophisticated insulation options, such as Hydropool’s Triple Thermal Shield Blanket, which efficiently reflects heat back into the hot tub.

Energy-Saving Pumps

Pumps are responsible for a large portion of your hot tub’s energy use, so you’ll want to choose a pump with a high flow rate and low energy output. If you invest in a high-quality pump, your hot tub will become 25% more efficient.

Improve Efficiency with Additional Features

The best hot tubs have features that will maximize energy efficiency. Look for a hot tub with vents, such as Hydropool’s Hydrowise thermal vents. Their Triple Thermal Shield blanket is another outstanding feature that will help you save energy.

The Perks of CEC Approval

California Energy Commission (CEC) approval is an important certification to look for when you want to save energy. CEC guidelines are strict and only the most energy efficient hot tubs are approved. As an example, Hydropool hot tubs were one of the first brands to be CEC approved. You can run one of these models at 100 degrees F for pennies a day.

Now that you know more about choosing an energy-efficient hot tub, click to download our buyer’s guide and find the best hot tub for you.