How to Know Which Hot Tub is the Most Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the most important hot tub features today’s consumers are looking for. As energy-efficient technology continues to improve, more and more hot tubs are becoming better at saving energy, slashing your hot tub cost per month.

Below you’ll learn our top tips for choosing the perfect energy efficient hot tub.

Prioritize Insulation

Of all the new features that help hot tubs save energy, the most important is insulation. The most basic type of insulation is foam, but there are also insulations with more density that can lock in more heat, including fibercor. No matter what type of insulation you choose, make sure your hot tub is fully rather than partially insulated. Hot tubs that reuse heat created by the motor to heat the water are also exceptional energy savers. In addition, invest in a locking hard cover that will keep heat from escaping.

Attend to Temperatures

The temperature your hot tub runs at is one of the most important ways it uses energy. While many hot tub users like the water hot, reducing your temperature by a few degrees, avoiding running it during your electric company’s peak hours, and remembering to turn down the heat when you’re away can save you a lot of money. Many newer hot tubs also feature eco modes that can simplify this process of lowering your temperature when the hot tub is not in use.

Monitor Circulation

If you’re wondering: how much will a hot tub increase energy bill costs? the answer lies largely in the type of circulation pump your hot tub uses. Although jet style pumps are common, they use a lot more power than circulation pumps. They’re also much noisier, which can disrupt your soak. When you want to save energy, consider a hot tub with a circulation pump, which can use as little energy as a 40-watt lightbulb.

Estimating Electric Bills

A good way to estimate how much it will cost you to run your hot tub each month is to calculate energy consumption (kwh, or kilowatt hours). Start by finding the wattage, located on the label on your hot tub. Multiply the wattage by the number of hours you use your hot tub each day. Next, divide the result by 1000. This will give you the kilowatt hours you use per day. To find your monthly kwh, multiply this number by 30. Using your electric bill, determine how much you pay per kilowatt and multiply it by your monthly kwh usage. At this point, you will know how much it costs you to run your hot tub each month and can monitor your usage to help you save.

Now that you’ve learned how to map your hot tub’s energy efficiency, download our buyer’s guide to learn about our many energy efficient hot tubs.

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