Is a Hot Tub Heavy?

Is a Hot Tub Heavy?

While it is safe to assume that most people do know that a hot tub is heavy, many probably are not aware of just how heavy they actually are. An empty hot tub can easily weigh over 500 pounds and once filled with water, that number skyrockets into thousands of pounds. As a hot tub owner, it is important to understand just how much a hot tub weighs to make sure that it is properly installed on a solid foundation and that you never attempt to move it without proper assistance.

In the article below, we will explain what an average hot tub weighs as well as provide tips for moving it safely.

Hot Tub Foundation

While an empty hot tub could safely be placed on almost any flat surface on your lawn, once it is filled with water, it is critical that it is installed on a flat, level surface. Just the smallest imbalance will force the water weight to shift which will eventually cause your hot tub shell to stretch and warp. This will not only cause major damage to your hot tub but can even completely ruin it. Always consult with a professional contractor before installing your hot tub and ensure that you use quality materials for your base; whether that be a concrete pad, deck on inground installation.

How Heavy Are Hot Tubs?

There is no such thing as a light hot tub but their weight can vary based on their size and user capacity. For example, an empty Hydropool 2-3 person self-cleaning hot tub weighs approximately 700 pounds empty and 3,350 pounds give or take when filled with water. Move up to a 7 person hot tub featuring a large footwell, the empty weight would be about 915 pounds and once filled with water it would be over 4,500 pounds.

Also, don’t forget about the weight that bathers add once they are soaking in the hot tub. Using an average weight calculation of 150 pounds per person, this can easily add up to 1,000 pounds depending on how many people are in the hot tub at once.

Relocating a Hot Tub

If you are ever faced with having to move your hot tub, be sure to have the right equipment and enough people helping. Usually, a hot tub will need to be placed sideways to be moved on a trailer or flatbed truck. Be sure to never place the hot tub pump side down as the cabinet door is vulnerable and can easily break. Even if it doesn’t break, pressure can seriously damage the major components inside.

While it is possible to move a hot tub on your own (with plenty of helpers) it is highly recommended to hire a professional. Companies that are experienced in moving hot tubs will ensure that your spa gets from one location to the next in pristine condition.

Don’t ever underestimate just how heavy the weight of a filled hot tub is. By taking proper safety measures when you install or move your spa, you can ensure that no one gets hurt in the process. Really, it just comes down to a bit of planning and common sense.

Now that you know how heavy a hot tub is, find out more about their features by downloading a buyer’s guide.

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