Why You Should Invest in a Swim Spa

If you’re thinking about investing in a swim spa, you may be wondering whether it’s the best choice for you.

Below you’ll find out why swim spas are becoming more and more popular so you can make the right decision for your lifestyle.

More Features

Many people think they want to invest in a swimming pool, then learn that swim spas are not only cheaper, but provide additional features that can aid in relaxation, fitness, and more.

One thing many people don’t know is that swim spas feature massage jets and lounge seats in a separately heated area like a hot tub. While swimming pools are praised for their aesthetic qualities, LED lighting, water fountains, and other features can help you create the perfect atmosphere in your outdoor space.

In addition, swim spas provide additional fitness features that can give you a better workout than simply swimming laps. Strong jets with an adjustable current let you challenge yourself as you get in better shape, something you can’t do with a swimming pool. Water weights, rowing machines, and other accessories can also be added to give you more workout options.

Serious Savings

If you aren’t ready for the expense of investing in a swimming pool, a swim spa is a much more affordable option. Both installation and maintenance are cheaper than swimming pools and energy-efficient options are available that will slash your heating bills. Since in-ground swimming pools are permanent structures, they will increase your property taxes, adding another hidden expense that swim spas do not.

Simple and Portable

One of the best things about owning a swim spa is that if you move, you can easily take it with you. You can easily work with a contractor and have it installed by forklift or crane. Or if you decide to include it in the sale of your current home, it’s a great way to add value.

Enhanced Safety Features

Advanced safety features are a top priority for swim spa manufacturers. Safety suctions create safe water circulation while locking covers keep children and pets safe from the water. One of the best safety aspects of a swim spa is its ability to watch your kids swim from very nearby so you’re just an arm’s reach away if they get into trouble.

Fast Maintenance

The ease of maintaining a swim spa is one of the top benefits of investing in one. Many, like those by Hydropool, offer cutting-edge technologies like self-cleaning systems. These systems can filter, skim, and vacuum for you, leaving you more time for leisure and family connection.

Use Less Space

Whether your yard is small or you want to use part of it for other priorities, a swim spa lets you exercise, relax, and have fun while taking up less space than a pool. There is a variety of sizes available so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Now that you’ve learned about why a swim spa can be a terrific investment, download our buyer’s guide to see our full range of options.

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