Increase Your Comfort with the Right Hot Tub Design

When you want the ultimate hot tub relaxation experience, comfort is key. Unfortunately, not all hot tubs are equally comfortable but there are things you can do to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs.

Below, you’ll get tips for hot tub features you can look for to maximize your comfort and have the most relaxing soak possible.

Focus on Seat Design

When you want a truly comfortable hot tub seat, look for an ergonomic design that can fit a variety of body shapes and sizes. It’s hard to know whether the design provides the level of comfort you need without sitting in a full hot tub, so make sure you request a wet test from the dealer.

Test the seats for comfort and lean back in the lounger, making sure you can completely recline with your feet still on the ground. If your feet float up, it will be hard to stay comfortable.

If you cannot wet test a particular hot tub, sitting in a dry hot tub is the next best option. Remember that if a hot tub is uncomfortable when it’s unfilled, it won’t be any more comfortable when it’s full.

Review the Design Features

Hot tub design features can go a long way toward creating a comfortable soak. One important feature to look for is multi-level seating, which is comfortable for a range of users no matter what their size or shape. Also pay attention to the footwell. The best footwell will provide more than enough room for all of your users to comfortably relax. Safety steps are another essential feature for users who find it hard to get in and out of the hot tub.

Consider the Minor Details

Although pillows, drink holders, cabinet style, and ice buckets may not seem especially important in terms of features, depending on your lifestyle they can substantially enhance your comfort. Try out the pillows and check to see that they are soft, easy to clean, and removable. Also notice whether or not there is a cabinet, keeping in mind that cabinet-free hot tubs can be more easily installed than models that have cabinets. Stereos, lighting, and other features can also enhance your experience.

Now that you’ve gotten the information you need to choose a comfortable hot tub, click here to download our buyer’s guide and find the perfect model for you.

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