Can You Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

How to Use a Pool Year Round

If you dread the cooler temperatures of the winter months and think that it would be too cold to use a pool year-round, think again.  A swim spa can be the perfect solution so that you can be comfortably swimming in your backyard on New Year’s Day. If you want to figure out how to use a pool year-round, you might want to look into swim spas.

What Is A Swim Spa?

A swim spa occupies the middle ground between a full-sized swimming pool and a hot tub. But the fact is that swim spas are more versatile than either of the conventional backyard recreational water tanks. Not only does a swim spa allow you to perform any type of swimming stroke to the fullest extent of your capabilities in a fraction of the space required by a full-sized swimming pool, it also allows you to crank the temperature and be massaged by warm, bubbling water.

The secret to the size and dual life of a swim spa is the generation of a powerful water current. This current is so strong that it prevents you from moving forward while you perform your swimming stroke. This means you swim on the spot similar to how a jogger stays in place on a treadmill. You’ll never reach the end of the pool and you’ll never have to turn around and swim back the other way. This allows the pool to be only slightly larger than the size of the largest hot tubs on the market. And because of this size, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to heat the water up to a temperature similar to that found in a hot tub. there are also split tank swim spa models that allow for swimming and soaking to occur in two differently heated water tanks at the same time.

How to Use the Pool Year Round?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re purchasing a swim spa for year-round use. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the model you choose has enough insulation to withstand the cold weather that your area experiences. This insulation will be a key factor in keeping both the heat of the water and the cost of your energy bill contained. You’ll pay more for this extra insulation, but if you’re keen on using your swim spa in the colder months, this investment will pay off in the long run.

A Good Fitting Insulated Cover

Another must-have for those who want to swim when cool weather hits is a heavily insulated swim spa cover. Your water will lose most of its heat through its surface, so covering it up when the pool isn’t in use will go a long way to retaining that precious heat. It will also prevent dirt from getting into the water which will reduce the amount of fiddling you’ll need to do to keep the water chemistry in balance.

Running Your Water Heater

If you’re keeping your swim spa going over the winter, you’ll need to keep your water heater running. Turning it off can lead to the water freezing which can cause severe damage to your swim spa components. You can turn down the heater when the tank isn’t being used, but you need to ensure the water stays above freezing temperatures in case of a major cold snap. 

Changing Your Water

It’s recommended to change the water in your swim spa on a regular basis, but this is something you want to try and avoid in the middle of a cold snap. Emptying and refilling your swim spa during extremely cold weather can cause damage to its components. To avoid this risk, change your water before the cold weather arrives and then do it again once it warms up.

To learn more about swim spas and their functions, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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