How to Run a Hot Tub Economically?

How to Run a Hot Tub Economically?

For those in the market for a new hot tub, whether first-time buyers or hot tubbing veterans, one of the considerations that always seems to come up is how much they will cost to run. This is a valid concern since your electricity and water use will go up once you’ve installed a hot tub. But new buyers may be surprised to find out that operating a hot tub doesn’t need to be an expensive proposition. You can learn how to run a hot tub economically and enjoy all the benefits of its bubbling warm waters without having to worry about sky-high utility bills. In this article, we go over some of the various factors to consider when trying to make your hot tub economically feasible.

The type of hot tub that you end up getting will play a big part in how economical it is to operate. Some hot tubs are more energy-efficient than others simply due to the fact of how they’re designed and manufactured. Energy efficiency may cost you more money at the time of purchase, but it can also pay dividends over the long term. Take into consideration the following points when researching your hot tubs.


The larger the hot tub, the more water it will take to fill it and the more energy it will need to heat the water. That’s not to say you should make your hot tub size buying decision based solely upon the amount of electricity it’s going to use. When it comes to size you should definitely take into account how you plan to use your hot tub, how many people will use it on a regular basis and how much space you have available to you for installation. Valuing efficient energy consumption over comfort may lead you to regret your purchase.


The type of climate that your area experiences will not only play a role in how much energy your hot tub uses, but it will also influence the type of hot tub that’s best for your needs. Those who have the fortune to live in the warmer areas of the country will be able to maintain their water temperatures more easily and likely much cheaper than those who experience harsh winters.

Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are used for a few reasons. They can provide security when you’re not around by preventing children and animals from getting into the water. A hot tub cover will also reduce the amount of debris that gets in the water when the hot tub isn’t being used. This will cut down on the amount of cleaning necessary and the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water fresh. A good fitting, well-insulated hot tub cover will also reduce the amount of heat loss and water evaporation that occurs at the water’s surface. They’re especially effective at nighttime and during times of high winds and heavy rains.


Different hot tub models will have varying levels of insulation. How well insulated the cabinet and plumbing are will often determine whether the hot tub is ideally used in hot or cold climates or whether they’re installed inground or above ground. Inground hot tubs typically have less insulation as they can depend on the ground to help retain heat. Above-ground hot tubs manufactured for colder climates will usually have more insulation. If your location means you’ll be using your hot tub during the cold winter months it would be well worth your while to ensure its properly insulated.

To find out more about how to run a hot tub economically, download a free hot tub buyer’s guide today.

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