How to Prepare for a Swim Spa Delivery

How to Prepare for a Swim Spa Delivery

When you have finally made your decision as to what swim spa is best for you, the next part is to begin preparing for the delivery. In order to make sure you have a safe installation, make sure to follow some of these essential steps. In the following article, we discuss what factors you should think about as you begin planning your installation and swim spa delivery.

Above Ground or In-Ground?

It is good to begin by knowing you can install your swim spa both in-ground or above ground. The above ground option is more popular though due to the lower cost. Above ground swim spas need a 6” thick concrete pad. This pad will support the weight of the spa. With an in-ground spa, you need to work with a contractor and excavating team to dig a pit in your yard and carefully install the spa.

For those going with the above ground option, you should make sure there is a safe and proper electrical hookup to run your swim spa. This may require the work of an electrician, so wiring can reach your swim spa. It is also important to consider a nearby water supply or garden hose to help fill your swim spa.

Type of Delivery

Be sure to talk with your swim spa dealer about how your yard is situated. How much space do you have around the exterior of your home? How will it be delivered?

While preparing to take careful measurements so you can be absolutely sure there is enough room for you swim spa to fit. This needs to include the additional dimensions for items like packaging, delivery materials, and those movers actually lifting your spa.

If you have calculated an insufficient amount of space to install your swim spa, a delivery truck and forklift should do the trick. If the swim spa needs to be lifted over your home or more challenging areas, it may be necessary to schedule a crane for the delivery day.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Before your delivery team arrives, be sure to check around your home and the delivery path to your desired location. Confirm there are no obstructions along the delivery path. This could be anything from a clothesline and gate to an exterior lamp or any objects the movers may trip over.

Delivery Day

Before the swim spa is even on the truck, it will be cleaned and quality tested. It may be covered in a protective wrapping or tarp, then loaded and secured to a flatbed truck. When the delivery team arrives, the swim spa will be unloaded and carried to the installation point.

Many professionals recommend you have an electrician there during the installation. They will be able to oversee and confirm there is a safe connection. The delivery team will then give you an overview of how to use the swim spa. The last step is to fill it up and enjoy your first soak!

You are now aware of what you need to do to prepare for your swim spa delivery day. Download the swim spa buyer’s guide to learn more about the installation process.

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