Are Above Ground Pools Easy to Install?

How to Make Above Ground Pools Look Nice

Above ground swimming pools are versatile and provide a lot of benefits when compared with inground pools. They’re much cheaper to install, easier to maintain and don’t require any expensive excavation. But sometimes the visible parts of an above ground pool leave a lot to be desired. If you want to learn how to make above ground pools look nice, check out this list of ideas.

Pool Decking

A great way to cover the eyesore that are the outer walls of an above ground pool is to surround your pool in decking. Not only will the deck be highly functional, but it can also look amazing as well. Pool decks can be made of a wide variety of materials and will allow your creative spirit to come alive. 


If building a deck around your entire pool is just too much, you can cover the remaining outer walls with fencing. Fencing can also be a great option if you’re not that much of a DIY builder as you can often buy pre-built panels that simply snap together. A good-looking fencing material can completely transform the look of your above ground pool.


Another way to easily hide the out walls of your above ground pool is to utilize vegetation. A lush garden can give your pool a tropical beauty that the naked outer walls just don’t have. Just make sure to choose plants that don’t drop their leaves or release a lot of pollen that will eventually end up in your pool.

Rock Gardens

Maybe you don’t think the outer walls of your pool look that bad, but they just need a little something to give them some pizzazz. Creating a rock garden edging around your pool can add some flair and class. Quick, simple and very possibly, cheap!


Adding some lighting around the outer walls of your pool will give the whole structure a different ambiance once the sunsets. The lighting doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive either. Reasonably priced solar lamps can make a big difference without costing you anything in electricity.

Wood Paneling

Adding a wood-paneled wall around your pool will not only make it more attractive, but it can also help your pool retain heat as well. With proper construction technique, you can also make the walls easily accessible in case of maintenance needs.

Tiki Trim

Wrapping your pool in reed or bamboo tiki fencing is cost-effective while looking quite stylish. What goes together better with a tiki theme than a swimming pool? You can add some tiki torches to the outer perimeter to complete the look.

Stone Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls are usually custom-built as part of an inground pool. But they can also be erected around above ground pools to similar effect. Being a natural material, stone provides a great look that matches perfectly with the water.

To learn more about installing an above ground pool, download a brochure.

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