How to Landscape Around A Swim Spa

How to Landscape Around A Swim Spa

Although highly prized for its diminished size, a swim spa can still create a very imposing appearance in a backyard. To reduce its domination of the area, it’s possible to employ some landscape design tricks to help make it appear more integrated. To find out how to landscape around a swim spa, check out this article.


Where you put your swim spa will have a huge influence on how it looks. While it’s always advisable to locate it close to the house or changing room, it’s important to pay attention to how it will affect the rest of the yard. If you plan on using your yard for anything other than swimming, you’ll obviously need to set aside some space. This might include an area for a deck, a barbecue, or some space for the children to play. You should place your swim spa in such a way that the rest of your yard can still be functionally used. Attention should also be paid to exposure to the sun, wind, and trees or shrubs that drop their leaves or shed pollen. Choosing the wrong location can increase your energy bills and your maintenance duties, not to mention the functioning of your backyard.


Related to the swim spa’s location is the matter of privacy. You may not feel so comfortable parading around in your bathing suit if your neighbors can see every move you make. Keep this in mind when deciding on the placement of the swim spa If there are no existing obstacles to prying eyes, you might want to consider erecting a fence or installing a privacy hedge. You should also pay attention to how the swim spa will affect your neighbors’ privacy. Butting it up underneath their bedroom window might not win you any favors when you decide to go for a midnight swim.


Most swim spas provide you with some choices in colors. The swim spa cover, the cabinet, and the shell are all often available in various shades. Try to choose colors that match those that already exist on your property. Look at your house, garage, decking, and outdoor furniture for some clues. A properly color-coordinated backyard can create an incredible atmosphere.


Similar to paying attention to colors, you should also pay attention to textures when choosing the characteristic features of your swim spa. Mimicking the textures that exist in your backyard can help with integration and unity.


As mentioned, a swim spa cabinet can be quite an imposing feature. It’s difficult to ignore a large rectangular box if there are no other distinguishing features in the yard. One way to counteract this is by making use of different levels to create a sense of vertical integration. Varying the height of elements such as decking, patio furniture, and plant beds can prevent the swim spa cabinet from seeming out of place.


The structure of a swim spa cabinet creates a well-defined perception of shape, possibly even overwhelmingly so. The way to reduce this effect is to complement it with similarly shaped elements. Using square or rectangular paving stones, furnishings, and garden beds can reduce the dominance of the swim spa cabinet and help integrate it into the environment.


Most swim spas will have some sort of internal lighting as a safety feature. You can expand upon this by opting for an upgraded lighting package if one is available. Also, put some careful thought into outdoor lighting which can help enhance what’s given off by the swim spa. A good lighting scheme can completely transform your yard after dark.

Now that you’ve read about some ways of how to landscape around a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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