How to Keep a Swim Spa Clean

For those that enjoy the great health benefits that swimming provides, owning a swim spa is a must. Often, people wonder if it is difficult to keep a swim spa clean and how much work and maintenance is involved. There are many models available on today’s market and the truth is that their maintenance features vary considerably. Before purchasing a swim spa, do some research and ask your hot tub dealer about what is involved for ongoing cleaning requirements. In this article, we will explain what to expect and how to keep a swim spa clean.

Is a Swim Spa Hard to Keep Clean?

Compared to swimming pools, swim spas require less maintenance as they are smaller and do not require as many chemicals. The Hydropool models we carry are designed with leading technology that minimizes the amount of maintenance you are responsible for as well as disruption. These swim spas contain powerful pumps that filter thousands of gallons of water every hour, meaning your unit is filtered 100% several times daily.

Our swim spas also contain a pre-filter unit and high flow skimmers which automate the cleaning process. The skimmer removes debris and dirt from the water and it is pushed towards the pre-filter to be removed. This ensures that the swim spas heater and pump do not become clogged and that the water is always clean and ready for use. If you want to purchase a model that requires the least amount of maintenance, select one with an automatic floor vacuum that will clean the floor to remove grime, grit, and dirt.

Why Buy a Swim Spa?

If you are looking to stay in shape, get a great workout as well as relax and unwind all in the comfort of your own home, a swim spa is perfect. For many individuals, buying a swimming pool is not an option either due to space limitations or because they are unable to choose between a pool and a hot tub. With a swim spa, you get the best of both worlds.

How Often to Clean Your Swim Spa?

This does depend on the model that you choose, however, there are some common daily, weekly and monthly cleaning requirements. Here is a guideline to follow:


  • Check to make sure that the recommended water level has been maintained


  • Wipe clean all stainless-steel controls
  • Remove and clean the skimmer basket
  • Refill the chemical dispenser
  • Test the alkalinity and pH levels


Every month, you will need to remove the filter, soak in a specialized cleaning solution and allow to completely dry before replacing. If you don’t want any downtime with your swim spa, we recommend purchasing a second filter which can be installed while you are cleaning the primary one.

Also, every three months, the water in your swim spa needs to be drained by 50% so that the acrylic shell can be cleaned.

Now that you are aware of just how easy it is to keep a swim spa clean, download a buyer’s guide to find out about the many options available.

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