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How to Install a Hot Tub on a Patio

If you have finally found the perfect hot tub for your lifestyle and have taken the plunge into becoming a hot tub owner, congratulations! But, before you can start soaking your aches and stress away, there are a few practical questions that need to be addressed. Especially, if you are planning on installing your hot tub outside on a wooden deck or patio, you’ll likely need the help of a professional. To help you figure out the best course of action, we provide this guide to outdoor hot tub installation.

Important Considerations

Before actually choosing a hot tub model and laying down the cash, you should take into account these important considerations below. Failure to do so could find you with a spa that won’t fit into your existing space or doing impromptu and costly renovations on your home or landscaping. Figuring all this out before purchasing your spa and arranging a delivery is important. After all, you want to be soaking in your hot tub as soon as possible.

Measuring Correctly

Getting your measurements correct is imperative. Will we be able to transport the hot tub to your installation location without any obstructions? You should be carefully measuring any gates, walkways, sharp corners, or any other potential obstacles and make sure the dimensions of the hot tub in the packaging will easily fit through along with space for several people to be transporting it. The last thing you want is to be in a situation where your hot tub is sitting on your front lawn while you are scrambling to figure out how it will fit into your backyard. We also offer site evaluations if you would also like an expert’s advice!

Deck Load

When deciding to install a hot tub on a patio or deck, the weight of the full hot tub with water and bathers should be kept in mind. Hot tubs can weigh over 5000 pounds once full of water, so you need to ensure the foundation can safely support this type of weight in addition to other items or people that may be on your deck at the same time. At a minimum, your deck needs to have a minimum of 125 pounds per square foot load-bearing capacity. For concrete patios, they should have reinforced wire and be at least 6 inches deep. We recommend to consult with a structural engineer to ensure that any existing decks or patios are up to code and can safely support your hot tub.

Electrical Source

Most hot tubs are not considered plug and play, meaning that you will need a specialized electrical connection set up. Typically, the main breaker box needs to be a 50 Amp breaker and you will require an electrician to install a 240 Volt 50 Amp neutrally protected GFCI. While you don’t need to know what all this terminology means, it is important that you have a certified and licensed electrician that is experienced in hot tub installation and knows where you are planning to install your hot tub.

Water Source

Portable hot tubs are self-contained units, so you won’t need to hire a plumber as they can simply be filled with water and turned on. However, you will want to have a water source nearby so that you can fill your hot tub easily with a garden hose.


There also needs to be a solid and level surface to place your hot tub. Your spa should never be placed directly on the grass or on an uneven surface. If a surface is uneven, over time it will cause the weight of the water to shift and the shell of the spa can become cracked and damaged. You’ll also want to ensure that there are no nearby power, telephone or cable lines nearby. If you do choose to install your hot tub in a deck or build a pool house nearby, make sure that all sides of your hot tub are accessible for maintenance in case the need arises. Having a nice view to gaze at while soaking in your hot tub can also help boost enjoyment.

Now that you know how to install a hot tub on your patio, download a free hot tub buyer’s guide to find out more about their wellness benefits.

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