Can you put a swim spa on a deck?

How to Get into a Swim Spa?

The global pandemic has greatly increased interest in home based fitness and recreation situations. Swim spas have become especially popular due to the fact that they provide both fitness and relaxation opportunities while being able to be operated outdoors even in the depths of a frigid winter. With a swim spa at home you no longer have to worry if your local gym or recreation center is open and safe from the spread of coronavirus. If you’re wondering how to get into a swim spa for fitness and recreation, we’ve put together this guide to persuade you further along the path towards swim spa ownership.

Designed for Home Use

Swim spas were designed for home use. They don’t require the same amount of space needed for the installation of a full sized swimming pool which makes them ideal for city dwellers and those with smaller properties. Their reduced size also makes it possible to economically keep the water heated even in the coldest of weather, something that’s not possible with a full sized pool. They provide much more versatility than hot tubs by allowing one to swim and exercise or relax and unwind. Some of the higher end swim spas have two separate tanks that allow both swimming and soaking to occur at two different temperatures at the same time.

Home Based Swimming Workouts

It’s possible to swim in the abbreviated stretch of a swim spa because of the powerful water current that it generates. This current keeps the swimmer in place as they swim ensuring they never reach the end of the pool or need to turn and go back in the other direction. The swimmer is able to regulate the strength of the water current to match their swimming ability and choice of stroke. This makes swim spas appropriate for everyone from the beginning swimmer to the competitive athlete. 

Home Based Relaxation and Recreation

Swim spas can also be used as a type of hot tub. Dual tank models allow users to keep one tank exclusively for swimming and the other for relaxing. Many single tank swim spas also contain seating areas that feature hydrotherapeutic jets. Turning up the water temperature can match the hot tub experience. Similarly, the swim spa can be used for recreational purposes. It can allow you to cool off in warm weather or act as a venue for getting together and socializing. Many people who bought their swim spa primarily for the exercise have found they ended up using it for recreational purposes as much or more than they do for swimming.

Other Exercise and Hydrotherapy

You’re not limited to swimming when it comes to exercising in your swim spa. There are plenty of types of exercises that can be done more safely in the water than they can be done on dry land. This is especially the case for people who aren’t able to do high impact exercises or who have mobility issues or a limited range of motion. The resistance provided by water creates stability and virtually eliminates the chances of injury in the case of a fall. From water aerobics to strength training, the swim spa can be an integral piece of equipment in a wide range of exercise programs.

Helpful Accessories

There’s a wide range of accessories that can make your swim spa experience even more enjoyable. Aesthetic accessories such as mood lighting and sound systems can enhance your exercise routines as well as your relaxation and socializing endeavors.  There’s equipment designed specifically to open up avenues to different types of exercises and fitness routines. Rowing simulators and tethers are popular swim spa accessories for those trying to freshen up their exercise program.

To learn more about how to get into a swim spa groove, download a buyer’s guide today.

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