How To Choose Size of Swim Spa

How To Choose Size of Swim Spa

Swim spas come in a wide range of sizes. Although they’re all typically about eight to ten feet wide and four to four and half feet deep, their length can range from 12 feet to over almost 20. If you’re wondering how to choose the size of a swim spa to meet your needs, we’ve put together a list of things you should keep in mind when making your decision.

How Will the Swim Spa Be Used?

Although swim spas are primarily used for swimming they can act as a hot tub and a plunge pool as well. This may not make much difference if you’re simply looking for a compact tank in which to practice your swimming stroke, but if you like entertaining guests, have a large family or hope to use your swim spa for more than just swimming, a larger-sized model may be to your benefit. Having a good idea of how your swim spa will be used should partially inform your buying decision.

What’s Your Body Size?

Body size should also play a role in deciding how large your swim spa will be. If everyone in your family is well over six feet tall, you should probably be looking at buying a longer swim spa. Conversely, if everyone regularly using the swim spa is quite short, you’ll likely be content with a shorter swim spa. The relative size of your body compared to the swimming current should also be considered. Those with larger bodies may find it difficult to remain within a narrow swimming current and therefore might experience a choppy swim. In cases like this, a larger swim spa might provide a more comfortable swimming experience. Testing out a variety of swim spas will give you a better idea of what size will provide the best swim. Ask your swim spa dealer about the possibility of a wet test to ensure your satisfaction.

Who Will Be Using the Swim Spa?

A competitive swimmer might be better equipped with a longer swim spa. The extra space will allow them to swim at their top speed without worrying about outpacing the current or reaching the end of the tank. For the casual swimmer, the longest swim spa on the market might not be necessary. Similarly, young children or beginner swimmers could be well suited to the shorter models available. Knowing who will be getting the most use out of the swim spa can help you when it comes to deciding which size is most appropriate.

Where Will You Install the Swim Spa?

Knowing where your swim spa will be installed will also play a role in the appropriate size for you. If you’re planning on an indoor installation, you might need to choose a shorter swim spa. On the other hand, if you have a large backyard and plenty of space, a larger swim spa might be appropriate. You should also consider how the swim spa will be transported to where it will be installed. Cranes are often used to drop swim spas into tight spaces or when an appropriate pathway to the installation site isn’t available. Make note of small doorways, tight corners or narrow passageways when planning your swim spa installation. You wouldn’t be the first person to miscalculate the size of a swim spa and not be able to fit it into where you’d originally planned. In certain situations, a smaller swim spa might be the answer to a difficult question about space.

Ideally, this article has given you some things to think about when it comes to how to choose the size of a swim spa that will work best for you. If you would like more information, download a free buyer’s guide here.

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