How to Choose Between Hot Tub and Swim Spa

How to Choose Between Hot Tub and Swim Spa

The Coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately made using public gyms and community centers a questionable activity. What were once places of health and fitness now appear to pose a threat to the health of their users. This has made home fitness and recreation a much more popular option. Hot tubs and swim spas have been in more demand than ever., but choosing between one or the other can be a difficult decision. To help provide some advice on how to choose between hot tub and swim spa installations, we’ve put together this list of comparisons.


Swim spas are designed for swimming whereas hot tubs are designed for soaking. Swim spas are more often used by those looking to exercise, improve their swimming technique, and boost their fitness levels. Hot tubs, on the other hand, are generally used for relaxation, soothing sore muscles, and reducing tension. If you just want a place to sit and relax, a hot tub will be sufficient. If you’re looking to maintain or improve your physical fitness, a swim spa might be more appropriate.


Swim spas and hot tubs are unique in aquatic recreation because they can be used outdoors at virtually any temperature. Being able to swim or soak in the depths of a freezing winter is a big selling point for these devices. That said, when it comes to flexibility, swim spas may have an advantage. It’s possible to use a swim spa like you would a hot tub. Many swim spas feature seating areas with massaging water jets. Some swim spas have two tanks to allow swimming and hot tubbing to occur simultaneously. On the other hand, it’s much more difficult to swim in a hot tub.


Generally speaking, a swim spa will cost more than a hot tub. Of course, if you compared the largest, fanciest hot tub with the cheapest swim spa, this may not be the case. However, you should expect to spend more money on a swim spa both upfront and throughout its lifespan. Swim spas hold a larger volume of water which means they require more powerful components and the addition of greater amounts of chemicals. While a hot tub will generally run hotter than a swim spa, once the maximum temperature is reached, it doesn’t require much extra power to maintain.


While swim spas are the answer for swimming fanatics who don’t have enough space for a full-sized swimming pool, generally speaking, swim spas are larger than hot tubs. Swim spas can be two to three times larger than a comparable hot tub. If space availability is an issue, it might be important to keep this in mind.


While many swim spas feature seating with massage capabilities, you’ll have access to more choice and higher quality massage with a hot tub. Top-of-the-line hot tub manufacturers base their reputations on the comfort and utility of their seating and jet configurations. If you’re looking for your seating area to maximize massage and relaxation, you’ll find more options with hot tubs.

Accessories and Features

Many of the accessories in the aquatic recreation market are available for both swim spas and hot tubs. Features such as Bluetooth speaker set-ups, mood lighting, water features, cold-weather insulation, and automatic cover lifters are common in both markets. However, when it comes to areas of specialization you should be looking at hot tubs for massage and swim spas for water current generation.

Now that you’ve been able to compare and contrast, hopefully, you have a better idea of how to choose between a hot tub and a swim spa. For more information, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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