How Often Do You Have To Change The Water In A Swim Spa

How Often Do You Have To Change The Water In A Swim Spa

Some people are discouraged by the thought of owning a swim spa because they believe it would require too much maintenance. For example, we’re often asked, “How often do you have to change the water in a swim spa?” The answer to that question depends on several factors including how often it gets used and how many different people are using it. The fact is that it’s easy to minimize the amount of maintenance a swim spa needs by tending to it regularly. By creating and following a regular maintenance schedule and abiding by a few simple tips, you may only have to change the swim spa water once or twice a year.

The Benefit Of Regular Maintenance

You’ll find that a swim spa is much easier to keep clean if you complete the small tasks regularly. If you let things get out of control you may find yourself emptying and refilling the swim spa several times a year. However, if you keep up with the little things, larger problems will rarely surface.

A Quick Shower Makes A Big Difference

Much of the dirt and contamination introduced into the swim spa comes from our bodies. Body oils, soap residues, lotions, makeup, deodorants, dirt and sweat quickly cause the water chemistry to become imbalanced. Showering before entering the swim spa you can prevent a significant amount of contaminants from getting into the water. It’s also suggested that you don’t use fabric softener on your bathing suits and allow them to air dry rather than running them through the clothes dryer. Reducing the impurities that get into the water will reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend cleaning the water.

Routinely Replace The Cover

The other largest source of water contamination is the surrounding environment. Dust, pollen, insects, bird droppings and other airborne debris can quickly make a mess of your water chemistry. Replace the swim spa cover after every use and you’ll substantially lower the potential for contamination. Using a swim spa cover also reduces the amount of water that evaporates and will lower the quantity of additives required to keep the water balanced.

Create A Maintenance Routine

By creating a cyclical maintenance routine you’ll be able to virtually automate the processes required to reduce the amount of upkeep necessary. You’ll never be left questioning when something needs to be done or wondering when it was done last. Following a list of timely tasks ensures that jobs are done when they need to be done without being forgotten.


Swim spa water needs to be tested at least once a week. The results of these tests will let you know if your water requires tending to. Adding the necessary chemicals will keep your water clean and fresh and reduce the frequency at which you’ll need to change it. Water tests can be done quickly and won’t require any special skills.


Your filter cartridges should be cleaned monthly. As the main defence against large particles being sucked into the system, the filters play an important role in both water cleanliness and longevity of the mechanical components. Remove the filters from their casing and give them a good hosing down every month. If they’re particularly clogged you may need to soak them in a cleaning solution.


As long as you keep your water chemistry balanced and your filters clean, you shouldn’t need to change the water in your swim spa more than twice a year. Emptying the tank, giving it a clean and refilling it with fresh water every six months will ensure that the water remains clean, safe and refreshing.

By following these tips you can be assured that you’ll be spending more time enjoying your swim spa rather than working on it. For more information, download a free swim spa buyer’s guide.

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