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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Swim Spa?

As more and more of us experience lockdowns, self-isolation rules and the closure of our local gyms and community centers, getting our preferred exercise has become more difficult. This is especially true for swimmers. While those who prefer to lift weights or jog are usually able to do that without visiting the gym, those of us who like to swim may find ourselves out of luck when it comes to finding the proper facilities. This has generated a large surge of interest in home swimming possibilities. Swim spas are ideal for those who can’t accommodate a full sized swimming pool. They also allow you to swim if the weather falls below freezing. One may wonder, how much does it cost to maintain a swim spa? The exact answer to that question depends on a myriad of factors, we’ve put together a list of general considerations to give you a better idea of the costs associated with installing and operating a swim spa.

The Swim Spa Base

A swim spa filled with water and people can weigh several tons. For this reason, you cannot just set a swim spa down on your lawn. You need to prepare a proper base for it to rest upon. Concrete pads are probably the most common type of swim spa base because they provide a long lasting, solid foundation for all that weight. It’s also possible to use paving blocks, but would require a specific contractor to ensure that they provide a level surface.


Measuring gate openings, doorways, tight corners and overhead gaps and comparing those measurements with the size of the swim spa is an important, if often forgotten, step. All of our swim spa deliveries are necessary to use a crane for installation. Although crane services are not included in the price of our swim spas, we have various crane operators that we work with demographically that can come out to your home to review delivery options.


Swim spas are too large to run off a regular household electrical outlet. You will need to hire an electrician to install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected 220 volt circuit with a 50 amp or larger breaker. The swim spa will also require the installation of a disconnect switch properly distanced away from the swim spa. The farther the GFCI circuit is from the main breaker box in the house, the more expensive the installation will be. You’ll also need the electrician on hand when the swim spa arrives to connect it to the circuit. We assist with the coordination of all contractors the customer has chosen to help reduce the overall costs on installation.


Once installed, keeping your water heated will be your biggest cost. This will be even more apparent if you run your swim spa in the winter. Consistently replacing the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used will help retain heat and significantly reduce your energy costs.

Water Chemistry

Keeping your water chemistry properly balanced is essential for a clean and safe swimming environment. As the water gets dirty, you’ll need to add chemicals to the water to neutralize the contaminants. You can reduce your use of chemicals by showering before entering the water, replacing the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used, cleaning the filter and regularly testing the water chemistry. 

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