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How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

When it comes to the appliances in our house, we want them to last for years to come. You don’t want to be buying a new refrigerator, washing machine or stove every few years. And when it comes to recreational appliances such as an outdoor hot tub, you hope for the same kind of durability. How many years does an outdoor hot tub last? In actuality, the range is quite wide. They can last anywhere from 5 to twenty or more years. To help you find a hot tub that works with your agenda, we’ve created an article on how to ensure your hot tub will last.

The Importance of Hot Tub Cover

When people think of hot tubs rarely do, they consider the hot tub cover. In fact, the cover can be one of the most important pieces of the long-lasting hot tub puzzle. A good fitting hot tub cover plays two important roles. The first is to keep out unwanted contaminants such as precipitation, dirt, bird droppings, insects, leaves and other organics. These impurities will lead to imbalanced water chemistry and cause other components to work harder than they have to. A hot tub cover also functions to keep the heat from dissipating into the environment when the tub isn’t being used. This will reduce your energy bills and prevent undue wear and tear on your water heater. Treating your hot tub cover with great care will pay dividends in hot tub longevity.

The Importance of Water Chemistry

Even with a snug-fitting hot tub cover, it’s important to regularly test your water chemistry and keep it properly balanced. If the water becomes too basic or too acidic you run the chance of damaging both your hot tub and its users. If the water gets too dirty it can clog up your filters and put undue pressure on other components. Clean, fresh and balanced water is key to an enjoyable experience and a properly functioning hot tub. Make this a priority.

The Importance of Mechanical Components

Mechanical components such as the water pump and heater are the foundation of what constitutes a hot tub. Without warm, circulating water all you’re left with is a container of cold, stagnant water. Keeping your heater and water pump well maintained and functioning properly means you’ll have a well maintained and properly functioning hot tub. Follow the maintenance schedule provided by the hot tub manufacturer and you’ll be guaranteed years of problem-free hot tubbing.

The Importance of The Hot Tub Cabinet

The hot tub cabinet is more than just an eye-pleasing cover of the hot tub’s inner plumbing. The plumbing and inner workings need to be protected from the environment and the cabinet is the component that plays that role. Make sure the cabinet remains in good condition and is suitably doing its job of protecting the other parts.

The Importance of Quality Manufacturing

You’ll notice there’s quite a wide range of pricing available in the hot tub market. As in most consumer markets, the saying that you get what you pay for still rings true when it comes to hot tubs. You can get a very cheap hot tub, but you shouldn’t expect it to last too long. Conversely, if you pay for quality components you should expect durability and trustworthiness. If reliability is important to you, get the best hot tub that you can afford.

The Importance of The Secondary Market

It’s a pretty recent development, but there is actually a very good secondary market for used hot tubs. This allows those who want to upgrade their existing tub to be able to get a brand new one at a discount. Speak to your hot tub dealer about the possibility of a trade-in or access to the secondary market. You’ll never have to worry about a breakdown ever again.

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