How Many Seats Does Your Hot Tub Need?

How Many Seats Does Your Hot Tub Need?

Today hot tubs have become so popular, there has been an increase in the sizes, styles, and shapes of hot tubs made available. Once you finally decide it is time to purchase a hot tub, really consider the main reason you will be purchasing your new soak machine. There is a long list of reasons people enjoy hot tubs, it may be to entertain friends and family, help relieve physical ailments like muscle pain, or simply for relaxation. When you have realized the primary reason you will be purchasing a hot tub you can then make your next decision, how many seats should be included in your hot tub?

In the following article, we discuss the key factors you should be made aware of when deciding on what hot tub will best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Location Design

Make sure your vision and the available space measurements are on par with one another. Are you looking to entertain guests? If so, you may want to include space for a gazebo or outdoor extension. Be sure to consider the entire layout. This also includes bathers that will be entering and leaving the hot tub. Are you looking to have an area for drinks and snacks? Be sure to include that in your calculations as well. When everything is said and done you will then have a better understanding of the space that will be required to make the most out of your experience. This will also help you decide on the size of your tub and if you will require 4, 6, or more seats.


Some may not realize that the number of seats can greatly influence the size of your hot tub. Now that you have considered the space and layout you will be looking at, you can move on to the number of seats that will best accommodate your relaxing or entertainment needs.

With measurements in hand, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Who Is Using Your Hot Tub?

It is just as important to consider how many people will be using the hot tub, as who will be using the hot tub. You want to ensure the seat layout is the most accommodating to all bathers. If the bathers visiting will be of various sizes, a multi-level seating option may be best. If a hot tub is mainly used for socializing, then a lounge chair model may be best to maximize socializing. When reviewing your options, consider the seating especially and imagine you using it for its intended purpose. You will really want to make sure there is enough seating available for you and your bathers to feel comfortable and relaxed.


As mentioned earlier, what is going to be the primary reason you will be enjoying your hot tub? If it is for relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits, you may be only using it with your significant other or one or two other people. So there is no need to look for a multi-level or large hot tub design. Focus more on investing your money in hot tubs that offer customized massage programs with tailored programs that can target your most needed areas. You will also find there are benefits when you purchase a 2 or 4 seater tub, like lower energy consumption.

You are now prepared on key factors that should be considered when purchasing your hot tub. Download our hot tub buyer’s guide to learn about the different styles available.

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