What Size Above Ground Pool is Best?

How Far Does an Above Ground Pool Need to be From Your House?

When installing a new above ground pool, you must take into consideration the space within which you have to work. Not only do you need to have enough room to accommodate the pool, but you’ll also need to ensure it’s far enough away from the property lines to prevent any problems for neighboring properties. There are also regulations that dictate how far the pool must be away from the house to prevent any electrical problems caused by floods, leaks or splashed water. Also, you’ll also need to be forward thinking enough to realize if your future plans might include adding a deck, patio or some other type of structure.

Choosing A Location

When trying to figure out if you have enough space for a backyard pool, you’ll need to take the planning of the location for your pool into consideration as well. Pools work best in areas that get a lot of sunlight which can act as a natural water heater. You’ll also benefit from locating it in an area that’s protected from the wind. That will decrease the amount of evaporation that occurs and slows down the loss of heat from the water. That said, you don’t want to situate the pool too close to trees or shrubs that will drop leaves or pollen into your pool or you’ll spend more time cleaning the water than actually swimming in it.

Property Lines

You will also need to keep your pool away from property lines and other surrounding structures. Local zoning ordinances will specify how far a pool must be from setbacks and easements. Because of these zoning regulations, you may actually need much more space than you originally thought. Depending on the size of your yard, this may affect the size of pool you can install.

National and Local Requirements

There is a national standard that requires that all swimming pools must be at least 10 feet away from the house walls. As mentioned, this will protect electrical wiring from leaks, floods, and splashes. And although this is a national requirement, local rules may require the pool to be placed even farther from the house. These rules may be enforced by the county, municipality or even the local housing association. It’s important to check with all the various regulatory bodies to ensure your pool remains legal. You could be fined significant amounts of money and be required to dismantle your new possession for failure to comply.

Pool Dimensions

It’s also important to remember that you may require more space around your pool than the actual dimensions of the pool itself. Some pools will need extra support along the outer walls and you’ll need extra space to provide room for that support. Make sure you understand exactly how much room the pool will need to be functional.

Now that you know the guidelines for how far away an above ground pool should be from your house, download a buyer’s guide to learn more about our above ground pool models.

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