How Does a Hot Tub Help Your Body?

Many people think of a hot tub as simply a place to relax after work and maybe enjoy a cold drink. What many hot tub owners don’t realize is that there are a huge number of health benefits associated with having a hot tub.

Whether you’re looking to buy a hot tub or already have one, you can educate yourself and others by learning about the benefits associated with hot tubs here.

Stress Reduction

Being wrapped up in a warm blanket makes us feel safe and secure. It can also help us feel less stressed. Take that same concept and apply it to warm water. Soaking in the warm water not only feels like being wrapped up in a warm blanket but it also creates the perfect environment for you to untangle your thoughts or dwell in the moment.

Better Sleep

When you’re less stressed, you sleep better. But it’s not only the lower stress levels that contribute to your great night’s sleep. If you soak in the hot tub right before bed, your entire body gets relaxed, making it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Confidence Boost

There’s something about soaking in warm water that gives you a confidence boost. It might have something to do with your reduced stress and the feeling that everything’s a bit better after a hot soak. When you’re more relaxed, you feel better about yourself and what’s going on in your world. This can lead you to have better self-esteem and give you a boost in confidence.

Make Your Heart Healthy

It’s a little-known fact that regularly soaking in a hot tub can improve your heart health. That’s because when your body is under pressure – as in you’re soaking up to your neck – your heart has to work harder to maintain and regulate your body temperature. Doing this for 15 minutes on a near daily basis can help strengthen your heart without having to step foot in a gym.
Soothe Aches and Pains

Hot tubs are particularly beneficial for those who play sports or suffer from arthritis. In a hot tub, your muscles get the chance to release stored tension to make them easier to stretch out. The buoyancy of water can also help take stress off of joints that get daily wear and tear like your knees and spine.

Lower Blood Pressure

By soaking in a hot tub regularly, you can also help lower your blood pressure. The warmed blood from the capillaries right under your skin carry warmed blood to your internal organs, causing them to relax and require oxygenated blood at a slower rate. This results in your heart slowing down since it doesn’t need to work as hard in the moment. If you have cardiovascular issues, you should consult your doctor before sitting in a hot tub.

Weight Loss

While you won’t be featured on the Biggest Loser for losing weight in a hot tub, sitting in one can provide enough results to make a difference in your life. In one study, participants made no changes to their activity levels or diet and sat in a hot tub for 30 minutes 6 days each week. After a month, the contestants lost 4 lbs on average.

There are plenty more benefits associated with soaking in a hot tub. Whether you are incredibly stressed and need an at-home solution or you’re a crossfitter who needs the extra muscle relaxation, a hot tub is the perfect option for you. To find out more, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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