How Do You Maintain a Swim Spa?

Swim spas provide an excellent opportunity for swimming at home, especially for those who don’t have room for a full-sized swimming pool. However, it’s important to understand that there’s more involved in owning a swim spa than simply swimming and exercising. Keeping the swim spa and its water clean is important for both swimmer safety and swim spa longevity. So, how do you maintain a swim spa? In actuality, it requires much less effort than maintaining a full-sized pool. To let you know what you’re in for if you install a swim spa, we’ve put together this guide.

A Series of Recurring Tasks

Once you’ve had your swim spa for three or four months, you’ll have performed most every task necessary to keep your swim spa clean, safe and running properly.  You’ll find that operating a swim spa depends on a series of recurring tasks that you’ll need to carry out on a regular basis. By setting up a rotating schedule, you’ll fall into a routine that makes maintaining the swim spa seem like second nature. Other than the occasional deep cleaning, which we’ll cover later on, most of the tasks will only take a handful of minutes each. As you become familiar with each set of tasks, the time you’ll need to spend on each of them will become less.

Water Testing

Checking the water chemistry is something that will need to be done at least once a week. If the swim spa is getting a lot of use you may need to test the water more frequently. Testing is simply a matter of retrieving a water sample and adding a few drops of indicator or dipping in a paper testing strip. The water or paper will change color to let you know if you need to add any chemicals to get the water back in balance.  The cleaner your water is, the less likely you’ll need to make any changes. You can reduce the need for adding chemicals by regularly skimming the water surface, vacuuming the swim spa floor, brushing the walls and requiring swimmers to take a shower before using the swim spa. 

Filter Cleaning

Water filters or filter cartridges take care of the larger particles that aren’t caught by the skimmer net or vacuum. About once a month the filter cartridge should be removed, inspected and sprayed down with a garden hose. This will get rid of any accumulated dirt and other detritus. If the filters are starting to show wear or it’s been at least a year, it may be time to replace them. That said, with regular cleaning, they should last at least a year without any problems.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning the swim spa will be your biggest task. You should expect to do it three or four times a year. To perform a deep cleaning, you’ll need to drain the swim spa and give all the surfaces a good scrubbing. While you’re at it, you should also give your filter cartridge a deep cleaning by using a filter cleaner and degreaser. This involves spraying the solution on the cartridge, allowing the solution to sit for up to 30 minutes and hosing off with the garden hose until the suds from the cleaner dissipate. Once the swim spa is cleaned you can replace the filter cartridges, refill the tank, get the water chemistry back in balance and start heating the water to get it ready to use again.

Using A Swim Spa Cover

Using a cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used will make all your other maintenance tasks far easier. The cover will keep dirt and debris out of the water and allow it to remain cleaner for longer. The cover will also prevent water evaporation. As water evaporates, the chemicals in the remaining water become more concentrated.  This can start to affect the water chemistry and require the addition of more chemicals to regain the balance. Replacing the swim spa cover after use will also reduce heat loss and lower your energy bill. A lockable cover also provides a degree of safety by preventing curious young children from accessing the swim spa when you’re not around to supervise. 

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