Swim Spas Keep You Fit

How Do Swim Spas Keep You Fit?

Our modern lifestyles appear to have driven up our stress and obesity levels. We’ve been told we’re not eating properly or getting enough exercise. This has caused many people to look for new and novel ways to get in shape. Swimmers who have been denied access to public swimming pools and gyms because of global pandemic lockdown rules have had to explore other options. This has caused swim spas to become more popular than ever. But how do swim spas keep you fit? In this article, we’ll show how versatile these compact bodies of water can be.

Using Swim Spas to Keep Fit

There are several advantages to using a swim spa to keep fit. They allow swimmers and non-swimmers of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy a safe and appealing way to exercise in water at home. As we’ll see later, you’re not only limited to swimming when it comes to using a swim spa.

Water Buoyancy for Safe Exercise

The buoyancy created by water reduces the amount of weight experienced by our bodies. Pressure is relieved from bones, joints and the spinal column when we exercise in water. Those who need to practice low impact exercises because of injury, disease or other conditions can remain active when they have access to the water.

Stability for Safe Exercise

Water resistance provides stability to those who have problems with balance or mobility. Falling down in the water is rarely as dangerous as falling down on the ground. A swim spa provides a safe space for exercisers of all abilities.

Swimming to Keep Fit

Swimming is one of the best low impact, full body workouts available. The adjustability of a swim spa current allows swimmers of any level of skill to increase their cardiovascular rate, improve their strength, increase their endurance and tone their bodies. Many swim spas have computer-driven exercise routines that automatically adjust the flow rate and take a swimmer through a range of motions from warm up to cool down without the need for interrupting the workout and changing the settings. Swim spas make keeping fit even easier.

Other Exercises in The Swim Spa to Keep Fit

You don’t have to stop at swimming when using your swim spa. Virtually any exercise you can do on land, you can do in the swim spa with the added benefit of the water. Exercising in water reduces impact, provides stability and reduces the chances of injury. If you want to take it slow and easy, you can do that in your swim spa. If you typically go for high energy, intense workouts, performing in water can increase the intensity. If your exercise movements require balance and poise, doing it in the water can help you achieve new levels. Are you tired of your usual dry land workout routine? Try it in the swim spa and look at your exercise with new eyes.

Swim Spa Accessories to Help You Keep Fit

There are plenty of swim spa add-ons available that might allow you to find your new favorite exercise routine. Try rowing with a swim spa rowing kit. Instead of rowing on the water, you’ll be rowing in the water. Is body surfing your thing? Attach a tether between the swim spa and a body board and you’ll find yourself riding a never ending wave. Or try to keep up with the current by using a kickboard and testing the power of your legs. Even resistance bands take on a new meaning when you’re also fighting the resistance of the water with strap-on water fins and weight belts.

Do you now see how a swim spa can keep you fit? To learn more, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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