How Are Hot Tubs Delivered?

If you recently took the plunge and purchased a hot tub, there is no doubt that the entire family is eagerly awaiting the day that it arrives. However, before the truck pulls into your driveway, there are a few important things that you need to think about in order to prepare. It is also important that you know about the hot tub delivery process so that you can make sure your delivery day goes exactly as planned.

Location Considerations

First of all, your spa needs a location with an extremely good foundation that will support the weight of the tub, the water inside, plus the additional weight of people using it. If your spa is delivered and installed on a foundation that is not able to properly support it, eventually the unit will shift, which will cause damage and cracks to the casing of the spa, not to mention be a safety risk.

Hot tubs should be installed on a stable, concrete base that’s at least 4″ thick. Often, people like to build their hot tub into a deck or other raised wooden structure. If so, make sure that a structural engineer is consulted prior to ensure that the foundation will be capable of supporting the hot tub.

Other times, people decide to put in their hot tub inside their home. If that’s the case, make sure the surrounding flooring can withstand water splashes (carpeting isn’t recommended) and that there’s a suitable foundation where water is able to drain away from the hot tub so that the electrical components as well as your floors do not become damaged.

Delivery Preparations

Your spa will arrive on a large moving truck and will be in one piece, just like how it appeared in the showroom. Before it arrives, make sure to follow the checklist of considerations below.

  • Be certain that you’ve measured all walkways or paths the hot tub and movers will go through to ensure its wide enough with some extra maneuvering space.
  • Check to make sure there are no objects that might be hazardous or in the way, like low power lines, lampposts or a hydrometer.
  • If the spa will be installed indoors, prepare to remove doors and measure staircases to make sure it will fit.
  • Be certain that you take all dimensions of your delivery path to your hot tub dealer, so they can create the proper delivery arrangements. Depending on where your hot tub will be installed, it could be necessary to use a crane to lift over a narrow or blocked area so that it can reach its desired place.


By knowing how hot tubs are delivered, taking the correct measurements and communicating with your local dealer, you can make sure your hot tub delivery will go exactly as planned.


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