How a Swim Spa Helps Ease Aches and Pains

How a Swim Spa Helps Ease Aches and Pains

Swim spas are popular for those who have limited space to be able to swim at home. Much smaller than a full sized swimming pool, swim spas provide a home swimming experience in a fraction of the space. Their compact size also increases their versatility because of the smaller tank, it’s possible to heat the water to much higher temperatures than you can in a full sized swimming pool. This not only allows you to use the swim spa in the colder winter months, but it can also double as a hot tub. Many swim spas feature hot tub-like spa seating with massaging water jets that can be used for therapeutic purposes. If you want to learn how a swim spa helps ease aches and pains, we’ve put together this article for you.

Hydrotherapy and Your Swim Spa

Hydrotherapy is defined as the use of water to treat various conditions. It’s quite a broad definition that can include cold, warm or hot water and employ exercise, massage, relaxation and more. For those suffering from physical and/or mental issues, hydrotherapy can be a drug and medical procedure free remedy. When it comes to using your swim spa for hydrotherapeutic purposes you can employ hot or cold water, massage, exercise and relaxation all in one place. If you’re looking for a medical treatment and drug-free way to reduce pain caused by stress, injury, overexertion or disease a swim spa can be a great tool.

Water Buoyancy and Resistance

The water properties of buoyancy and resistance cause it to be a unique medium for exercise and relaxation.

Buoyancy can relieve pressure on aching bones and joints and allow someone who may be unable to move freely on dry land to maneuver in ways that may have previously been thought impossible. Buoyancy is one of the major reasons swimming is possible. It also reduces the pull of gravity and has the effect of relieving up to 90% of one’s bodyweight. This can relieve physical strain, pain and mental stress.

Water resistance can provide stability in water that makes it an ideal exercise medium for those who have problems with mobility or balance and range of motion issues. Injury due to falling becomes a non-issue and those who may have been unable or afraid to exercise can do so with confidence in water. Water resistance also provides tension which can take the place of weights or other exercise equipment used for resistance training.

Water Exercise

Exercise has often been prescribed as an antidote for aches and pains. However, exercise can often be the source of aches and pains, especially when performed on hard and unforgiving surfaces. Exercising in water removes this drawback as it allows virtually impact free movements. Swimming a great full body workout that can help repair minor injuries, but other exercises that are typically done on dry land, such as walking, running and aerobics can be done in the swim spa with a much reduced chance of jolting sensitive body parts.

Massage, Meditation and Relaxation

As mentioned, a swim spa can also be used to mimic the effects of a hot tub to reduce aches and pain. Warm water massage can increase blood flow to injured tissues and expedite the healing process. It has also been found to stimulate the production of pain relieving hormones. Warm, massaging water has also been found to help reduce stress while relaxing the mind. Physical responses such as reduced blood pressure and endorphin release promote relaxation in similar ways that meditation has been found to relieve anxiety. Your swim spa can play a supporting role in relaxing both your mind and body.

Now that you’ve learned how a swim spa helps ease aches and pains, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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