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Which Hot Tubs of 2021 Were the Most Eco-Efficient?

Eco-efficient hot tubs not only allow you to help the environment, but their features also provide endless benefits for you as a consumer. But what were the most eco-efficient hot tubs of 2021, and what features gave them this title? If you’re currently searching for a hot tub that prioritizes energy efficiency, then looking at Hydropool products is an excellent decision. This Canadian-made company has created spas and hot tubs with sustainable and durable features. But what are these features, and what type of benefits do they present? Here’s what you need to know about the top energy-efficient spas of 2021.

Hydropool Spas

With products made in Ontario, Canada, Hydropool spas are equipped with advanced technology. This company focuses on eco-conscious efforts, which creates the ideal space to relax and allows you to use them at any point of the year for a low cost! Running at 100 degrees for only pennies a day, their eco-efficient features provide numerous benefits to the individuals using their spas. But what are these specific features?

Eco-Efficiency and Hydropool

One of the main things to keep in mind when it comes to the term “eco-efficient” is that you should never need to compromise quality. In fact, when it comes to Hydropool hot tubs, the energy-efficient features bring the whole experience to a higher quality. Along with this comes the fact that you will also be spending far less money due to these features.

For starters, Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology filters 100% of the water in a hot tub every fifteen minutes. As this process takes place, dirt and debris is also removed from the bottom with a floor vacuum. Therefore, every part of your hot tub is continuously being cleaned. Not only does this keep your jets, filter, pump and more all in great condition, but it also takes the worry off your shoulders of needing to clean your hot tub regularly. Therefore, this is an excellent feature that will help with the longevity of your hot tub and give you more time to relax and enjoy its benefits. Offered in hot tubs of various sizes, it doesn’t matter if you have even a 9-person hot tub that is rather large, you still won’t need to worry about cleaning it nearly as much as you would without this technology.

Hydropool’s Evergreen pumps are another incredible eco-conscious feature. This pump system actually produces a stronger flow rate with far less energy consumption. Hydropool pumps are also 26% more efficient than others on the market and still only require you to spend pennies a day for them to function.

Hydropool’s Hot Tub Designs

The heating system is another feature to keep in mind when looking at energy-efficient spas. As a very important part of a hot tub, it’s good to see how efficient the heating is. For example, did you know that there is actually a great deal of wasted heat in many hot tubs? When looking at all of the functioning parts like the pumps, jets, and more, they all produce heat as they operate. Hydropool designed their hot tubs so that this heat would not be wasted but reused instead to heat the spas water further. This system is called the Hydrowise Thermal Shield System, which also inspired similar technology for their hot tub covers. Knowing the black covers will naturally produce a great deal of heat from the sun, Hydropool created hot tub covers that would trap the heat instead of letting it escape or go to waste. Their hardcovers are not only heavy-duty but extremely well insulated and feature a locking system. Additionally, the Hydropool thermal shield blanket is black and made from aluminum foil to further this process. All of these aspects combined allow their hot tubs to maintain heat much more efficiently, which means less energy consumed overall.

In addition to these features, Hydropool hot tubs and spas also feature insulation in the parts that need it most. Not only does this retain heat and keep the cold out, but it also protects every functioning part of the hot tub from the cold or snow. Because Hydropool hot tubs are made here in Canada, they are designed with extreme cold temperatures in mind.

There are countless reasons why Hydropool had the most energy-efficient hot tubs of 2021. If you’re currently on the hunt for a hot tub in 2022, there are a few aspects to consider when finding the right one. First, you will want to ensure that the cover is thick and reliable. You will also want to check how well insulated the hot tub is and how the heating system works. These are the fundamentals of knowing how well your hot tub will retain its temperature and ultimately how much you will be paying to run it, even throughout the coldest months. To learn more about finding the perfect hot tub for your home, download our free buyer’s guide.

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