When do Hot Tubs go on Sale for Low Prices

If you’re looking for a great deal on a hot tub and wondering when is the best time to buy, you’ll be happy to know that there are different kinds of savings you can experience year-round. The best time of year to buy a hot tub depends on your personal needs.

Below you’ll learn about when you should shop to get the absolute best deals.

Getting the Timing Right

Consumers often ask: when are hot tubs discounted, cheapest, or available with great financing deals? This largely depends on the hot tub type, style, color, features, and delivery dates you need. For example, if you know you want 0% financing, you may end up shopping at a different time of year than someone who wants to save money upfront with a low sale price. Before you start looking for sales, think about what kind of deal you want.

Clearance Deals

Clearance sales usually run from fall through winter and feature extremely low prices on inventory as well as floor models. During spring and summer, when everyone is shopping, you won’t find clearance deals, but if you can wait until September you’ll benefit from retailers who want to clear out excess inventory.

You can also get good deals once this inventory has sold, when dealers sell floor models and demos. One thing to remember about buying on clearance is that you’ll get excellent deals but the longer into the season you wait to buy, the fewer choices you’ll have. By the end of winter, you may have few hot tubs to choose from. Even when your budget is important, you should always try to buy a hot tub that meets your needs.

Pre-Owned and Damaged Hot Tubs

If you want a deal you can get at any time of the year, looking for pre-owned and damaged hot tubs is a good plan. This is best for people who are not committed to specific colors, features, or design. To get these deals, just ask your dealer whether they have any hot tubs that have been marked down due to cosmetic damage or if they have factory seconds or pre-owned hot tubs available for sale.

Hot Tub Financing

Spring and fall are the best seasons for finding financing deals that last longer than usual. Although most dealers offer a 0% APR for 6 months, in spring and fall you can find great financing rates for longer periods of time. Even if your dealer isn’t advertising these deals, you should ask if there are any financing promotions coming up. By waiting to make your purchase, you’ll pay substantially less.

Deals on the Best Features

For those who know that they want the absolute best range of features in a hot tub like stereo systems, salt water options, or other accessories, it may surprise you to learn that spring and early summer are great times to buy. This is when dealers offer terrific package deals, allowing you to save on luxury features when you want many of them.

Now that you know when to buy, download our buyer’s guide to see our variety of hot tubs available for many budgets.

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