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What You Need to Know About Hot Tub Yoga and Its Benefits

If you’ve been in a hot tub before, you’re probably aware of some of the advantages a home spa has to offer. It can provide an unparalleled relaxation experience. But guess what? The benefits don’t stop there. You can take the hot tub experience to the next level in a number of ways. One example of this is hot tub yoga. Below, we’ll dive deeper into what hot tub yoga is, why you should try it, and some easy poses that can help you get started.

What Makes Hot Tub Yoga Different?

Many people who have practiced yoga before have an idea of how intimidating it can be during the first few tries. Certain poses require a lot of flexibility, balance and strength – things that are not easy to come by if you’re just starting out. So, you might be wondering if there’s a way for you to get the same health benefits minus some of the downsides? This is where hot tub yoga comes into play.

As you may have guessed, hot tub yoga works just like regular yoga, except you do it in the water. This is where the difference lies. The water makes many poses a lot easier to perform because it can support the weight of your movements without much tension or strain. In addition, you can practice it on your own or with a group any time at your own pace, especially if you have your own spa at home. If you’re a beginner who wants to take a plunge into the world of yoga, it might be a good idea to start in your hot tub. Those who suffer from regular aches and pains, stiff muscles, sore joints, arthritis, or any other condition that affects mobility can also benefit from doing yoga this way.

The Benefits of Hot Tub Yoga

Not only is it a low-impact and engaging approach to classic yoga, but hot tub yoga is also an incredible way to improve both your physical and mental wellness. Take a look at some of its benefits:

  • Enhancing flexibility and strength
  • Better sleep quality
  • Increasing mindfulness and body awareness
  • Reducing anxiety and increasing mental clarity
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Faster healing and recovery after a muscle injury

You may note that these are also benefits you can get from regular yoga. However, if you do it in your hot tub, you can actually enjoy a few additional advantages. First off, the water’s buoyancy can take the pressure off the joints and muscles that can occur when doing various poses. The risk of falling and getting injured is also lower. Another benefit is that the heat from the warm water can help your body loosen up, which of course, makes stretching easier. Finally, a hot tub can give you the perfect space to relax and unwind once you’ve completed your yoga routine.

For instance, Hydropool hot tubs have four different jet zones that target and provide relief to specific areas of the body. From your neck, shoulders and back to your hips, thighs, feet and ankles, you’re sure to experience great relief and relaxation.

Beginner-Friendly Hot Tub Yoga Poses You Can Try

By now, you already have an idea of how beneficial hot tub yoga can be, and you might even be interested in trying it out. So how do you get started? Below are a few examples of popular yoga poses you can do right in your hot tub:

Standing Tree Pose – This move can help you stretch your feet, improve your balance and strengthen your core. Stand in your hot tub, gently lift one foot and rest it upon your other calf. Raise both your arms in the air like tree branches and hold for a few seconds. Then, repeat with the other leg.

Half-Moon Pose – This posture can help improve focus and confidence. It also helps open up the hips. Move your upper body side-to-side at the hips and hold for a few seconds on each side.

Spinal Twists – Doing this pose can help decompress the vertebrae and lengthen your spine. Just sit tall on the hot tub seat, place each hand on the opposite shoulder like you’re giving yourself a hug, then gently twist your torso side-to-side. Repeat this a few times.

Whether you’re a yoga novice or an expert, practicing hot tub yoga is a great way to improve your strength and mobility. Plus, it’s an even better way to make the most out of the benefits you can get from a home spa. If you’re curious about the other ways your hot tub can complement your lifestyle and improve your overall wellness, a hot tub dealer near you can help give guidance on how you can have the ultimate spa experience.

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