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How Much Do Hot Tub Removal Services Cost?

If you’re considering parting ways with your old hot tub, you might have a few questions about the process as well as the potential expenses. Below, we’ll break down what to expect when it comes to hot tub removal costs and share practical tips on how to minimize what you might spend. Here’s what you should know!

How Hot Tub Disposal Works

There are a few reasons why you might consider saying goodbye to your home spa. Maybe you rarely use it, so you don’t want to continue paying for its upkeep. You might also want to dispose of your hot tub if it’s worn out and requires frequent repairs. It also makes sense to remove it if you plan to use your space for something else. No matter your reason, being aware of what’s involved in the hot tub removal process can help you make informed choices.

The most popular way to get rid of a hot tub is by hiring a junk removal company or a professional hot tub mover. They will basically take apart the spa, load the pieces onto their truck, and then take it to the right place for disposal or recycling. Because hot tubs typically weigh between 400 and 900 pounds, they would most likely use specialized moving equipment. The process takes around 1 to 2 hours for small models and about 4 hours or more for larger spas. For more information about the spa removal process, you can also consult your local hot tub dealer.

Can This Be a DIY Project?

While it’s possible to remove a spa by yourself, it’s important to keep in mind that it can be challenging and time-consuming. You would need to drain the hot tub, disconnect any electrical components, and still pay extra for the removal equipment. On the other hand, hiring a professional can ensure a smoother process and prevent any potential safety concerns. They have the experience and tools needed to transport the hot tub safely and handle the disposal based on local regulations.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of a Hot Tub?

Homeowners spend anywhere from $150 to $650 for hot tub removal services. The range is wide because there are a lot of factors involved, and what you’ll pay in total will depend on your exact removal needs. If you need help hauling away your old spa, a local junk removal company might charge around $300 to $600. If you want to move a hot tub from its current location to another part of the same property, you might spend around $150 to $200. The amount might be higher if there are stairs or if the path doesn’t have a flat surface. If special requirements can make the move more complex than usual, some companies may also charge an additional labor fee of $100 to $ 200 per hour.

Factors That Affect The Total Hot Tub Removal Cost

Setting a budget for spa removal and disposal is important for avoiding unexpected expenses. While it might be tricky to get an exact estimate, these are the factors that can affect the overall cost of removing a hot tub:

Size of the Hot Tub

Some moving companies charge by the weight of the hot tub. In this case, size is a key consideration. You can expect to pay more if you have a heavier, larger hot tub because it requires more time and labor to remove. Providing accurate details about your spa’s size and weight can help you get a more precise cost estimate from the movers.

Type of Hot Tub Installation

The way your spa is installed can also impact the removal cost. An in-ground spa would be significantly more expensive to remove compared to portable hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs. In-ground installations involve digging, so more work is needed to extract the spa from its location. On the other hand, above-ground hot tubs are generally easier to remove since they just sit on the surface.

Labor Required

While some movers will apply a flat fee to remove your old spa, others charge by the hour. The hourly rate can vary depending on how accessible the location is, how complex the process might be, and any extra services needed. Knowing the specific details of the removal job can give you a good picture of the labor costs associated with it.

Junk Removal Service

In most cases, the average cost of hot tub removal already includes the cost of disposal. However, some moving companies might charge for it separately. If disposal fees are not included in the initial estimate, it’s best to ask about it upfront.

Additional Costs to Consider

  • Accessibility – If there are tight spaces, stairs, or difficult pathways involved in removing the hot tub, additional charges may apply. Movers might need extra time and effort to navigate these challenges, impacting the overall removal cost.
  • Landscaping – Uninstalling a spa can affect the surrounding landscape, especially if you have an in-ground setup. You might need to hire additional help to restore or modify the area.
  • DIY Removal – While taking on a DIY hot tub removal project might cost less in terms of labor, there are still a few expenses to consider. A dolly, tie-down straps, a ramp, and support boards are just some of the equipment you might need to get. You also need two or more people to help you with lifting, considering an average hot tub weighs around 500 pounds. On top of that, you may need to rent a dumpster.

Tips to Save Money on Hot Tub Removal

Because different factors affect the costs associated with hot tub removal, it also means that you can find a few ways to cut down the total expenses. Here are some easy tips:

  • Get quotes from multiple companies that offer professional removal services. This can help you compare the costs and find the most affordable option.
  • Check your neighborhood for donation centers. They may offer free pickup services and provide a new home for your old hot tub.
  • Get your hot tub ready for removal by draining the water and cleaning it yourself. When the movers arrive, all that’s left to do is haul it away, potentially reducing labor costs.
  • Bundling is a good option if you’re planning to clear out other large items, like old furniture or appliances, along with your spa. Many companies offer discount packages when dealing with multiple removals at once.
  • Consider having your hot tub repaired instead. Consult a technician to find out if repairing the damage is a more cost-effective option compared to complete removal or replacement.

Setting a Budget For Removing an Old Hot Tub

Setting a budget is a crucial part of having an efficient plan for properly removing and disposing of a hot tub. It gives you control over the expenses and lets you focus on what you can afford. By being aware of the costs involved and sticking to your budget, you can choose the best way to remove the hot tub without worrying about spending too much. This way, the whole process becomes smooth, organized, and stress-free.

You can also download our free buyer’s guide for more information about choosing the best hot tub that fits your needs.

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