What is a Hot Tub Massage?

The combination of three factors – heat, water buoyancy and therapeutic massage jets are what create the perfect hot tub massage. Together, these elements deliver a soothing and relaxing hydrotherapy massage experience that can help treat a number of conditions and bring much-needed relief to tense muscles and reduce stress.

Our body temperature raises when we sit in a hot tub which increases our circulation. Also, our body weight is reduced by 90% from the water buoyancy which takes the pressure off sore muscles and joints, allowing them to relax with a sense of weightlessness.

How Hydropool Hot Tub Massage Works

There are three main components responsible for delivering the perfect hot tub massage: plumbing, pumps, and jets. Hydropool hot tubs are carefully designed so that each of these components provides an exceptional flow rate to deliver an exceptional therapeutic hydrotherapy massage experience.


Hydropool has achieved the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) distinction for its hot tub plumbing and is 26% more energy efficient than competitors pumps.


Hydropool leads the hot tub industry with pumps that are designed to produce the most energy efficient flow rate.


The adjustable, high-volume Hydropool hydrotherapy jet system is designed for bathers to experience an ultimate hot tub massage and wellness benefits. The zoned jetting system delivers a targeted massage treatment which soothes and provides full body relaxation.

Hot tub massage is the perfect solution and is a wonderful investment for a healthy lifestyle – whether you are seeking emotional or physical stress relief, treatment for chronic pain conditions or just a way to relax and rejuvenate at the end of a hectic day.

Hot tub massages provide a number of health and wellness benefits which can be taken advantage of any time you wish when you are a proud hot tub owner. Some of the top wellness benefits include:

Weight Loss

A beneficial tool for weight loss, hot tub massages stimulates our circulation. When we sit in warm water, our heart rate rises, while lowering blood pressure – basically simulating the effect of mild exercise. Hot tubs also are a great place to squeeze a work out in, especially for individuals that suffer from painful joint problems. Weight-bearing exercises which are too painful to be performed on land can be adapted in a hot tub, providing individuals with an excellent way to stretch and strengthen their muscles without risking injury.

Pain Relief

Sitting in a hot tub’s warm water increases circulation which helps provide relief for sore muscles, headaches, and chronic pain. Buoyancy, warm water, and therapeutic massage jets merge to provide a relaxing hot tub massage experience that dissolves sore muscles and relieves tension.

Reduced Stress

Nothing relaxes and soothes tense muscles better than a hot tub massage, bringing you into a more relaxed state. Your heart works harder when sitting in a hot tub as a result of the heated water and your circulation improves. Hot tubs have also been shown to provide relief from anxiety and help lower high blood pressure due to stress. Try incorporating aromatherapy into your hot tub routine for a sensational, relaxing experience.

To find out more about the many models available and their different hot tub massage features, download a hot tub buyer’s guide today.