What Hot Tub Should I Get?

If you are shopping for a hot tub, considering your lifestyle and needs is important to help you decide what hot tub to get. Today, there are so many different models and styles on the market that there is truly something for everyone. It is important to be aware that not all hot tubs are created equal as far as quality, features, and benefits go. To find the best hot tub for you, you need to be aware of what areas to consider as well as what personalized options are available.


Between manufacturers and models, the comfort and design of a hot tub can vary dramatically. Before making your purchase, it is important to compare features and look for items such as ergonomic seating which is designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of users. Before you make your final decision, ask your hot tub dealer for a wet test. This is where they will fill the hot tub you are considering with water so that you can take a test soak to experience the design and comfort level first hand.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is helpful to know what to expect as far as cleaning and maintenance requirements go before making a decision on which hot tub to purchase. Different models can vary in their cleaning requirements and for those that want to spend the least amount of time on cleaning possible, a self-cleaning model that can filter the water and vacuum the floor automatically is recommended.


By choosing a quality hot tub model with a good manufacturer reputation, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your investment for many years to come. Signs of a quality hot tub include superior insulation and eco modes for energy efficiency, ergonomic seating and customizable massage features. Also, a quality hot tub will be supported by a robust warranty to cover labor and repairs should an issue arise. Before purchasing, it is recommended to read online reviews of both your hot tub dealer and the hot tub manufacturer to ensure that they will provide the level of customer service and product quality that you are expecting.

Massage Jets

For many people, therapeutic massage programs and massage jets are one of the top reasons that they choose to purchase a hot tub. Every hot tub model has different styles of jets with different therapeutic features and pressure ranges. Ask for models that have a variety of wellness programs and plenty of customizable massage options that will target the specific areas that your body needs the most. Hot tub massages are well known for helping with joint and back pain, however, there are models that are designed to treat a number of other conditions such as insomnia as well as reduce anxiety and stress.


To make your hot tub experience even more pleasant, there are a number of customizable options such as aromatherapy, stereo systems and LED lighting which can be integrated into your spa.

Now that you are aware of what you need to look for in order to find the right hot tub for you, it is time to begin shopping! To find out more about the many hot tubs we offer and their unique features, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.