What Hot Tub is Most Energy Efficient?

Many people know the benefits of owning a hot tub, but when it comes to the energy costs they may shudder. This is common for new hot tub owners who are concerned about their energy bills increasing. Fortunately, this concern is addressed with many energy efficient models to choose from. Not only are they energy efficient, but they are affordable to run. In the article below, we will discuss how to find an energy efficient model and which hot tub is the most energy efficient.


A sleek designed hot tub may look high tech but that does not mean it is energy efficient. When considering energy efficient hot tubs, insulation is an extremely important factor. Most energy efficient models will provide full insulation with high density, high-quality insulation, rather than partial coverage.

Quality Covers

A model with a lockable, heat-shielded hardcover will be the most energy efficient. They will be able to retain heat while preventing cold air from entering the tub. When considering covers, look for a tapered design and have insulated baffles around the fold.

Choose Eco Modes and Pumps

Eco modes can be especially helpful when it comes to saving energy in your hot tub. These models will turn the temperature down when no one is using the hot tub. This will ultimately reduce energy consumption. If this feature is not available you can use a timer which will reduce the water temperature at specific times of the day, like overnight for example. Lastly, another option available is just lowering the temperature yourself by a few degrees whenever you wish. This will help you have money on your overall energy bill.

Another important part of your overall energy consumption is the style of pump your hot tub is using. One pump that uses less energy than most is a circulation pump. They can use as little as a 40 watt light bulb!

Adjustable Venting

The most energy efficient hot tubs can actually recycle the waste from the pump or motor to continue heating the water. This venting provides another way to reduce costs by trading the heat and allowing your hot tub to maintain an ideal temperature.

Monthly Costs

To calculate an estimate on how much energy your hot tub will be using on a monthly basis follow this formula. First, locate the wattage of the hot tub model. This is usually on the label. Multiply that number by the number of hours you intend to use your hot tub each day and divide by 1000 to determine the daily kilowatt hours for the hot tub. Next is locating your current utility kilowatt rate and multiplying your daily number by 30 to get your monthly estimate.

The Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

If you are set on an energy efficient model then the CEC (California Energy Commission) is a great source to turn to. They stamp their seal of approval on the best models. For example, Hydropool was one of the first to receive CEC approval for their hot tubs. This just highlights their dedication to exceptional energy efficient technology. For just a few cents per day, you can run a CEC approve Hydropool model.

Now that you know the most eco-friendly models and have an estimate of your monthly costs you are ready to learn more about the variety of models available. Start by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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