Is It Good to Go in the Hot Tub Before Working Out?

No matter what types of sports or exercises you prefer, a hot tub can play an important role in maximizing your physical efforts. Hot tubs can not only help those with lactic acid build up or injuries resulting in joint pain, they can play an important role in your warm up routine and in post workout relaxation programs. This article will go over some of the methods in which your hot tub can play a role in your workout routines.

Warm Up Your Body

If you’re planning to lift weights, go for a jog or play a sport, a hot tub can play a vital role in your warm up routine. Even sitting in your hot tub for ten minutes can warm up your muscles, increase blood circulation and relax your body to the point that you’ll be prepared to take on some vigorous exercise. You can also include some simple movements to add to this effect.

Muscle Stretches

The warm water will automatically loosen your muscles, but by adding some stretches you can increase your blood flow and flexibility to further prepare yourself for the physical activity of your choice. Try flexing your calf muscles and hamstrings to loosen up your legs. Some foor rotations can ensure your ankles are ready for any high impact exercises. Do the same with your upper body to prevent injury caused by quick actions and movements


Raising your heart and breathing rates will ensure your body is ready to tackle any physical effort. The warm water will have already raised your blood circulation and body temperature, but by adding some simple exercises, your cardiovascular system can be brought up to an optimal level needed for more strenuous effort. Try doing a vigorous bicycle kick with your legs by grabbing the seat with your hands and allowing your legs to cycle in the middle of the tub.

Leg Work

By doing some simple leg lifts while standing in the middle of your tub you can prepare your back muscles, hamstrings and quads for exercise. Bring one knee up to your chest to stretch your hamstring and then lower it while bringing it behind you to stretch your quad by pulling back on your toes. By swinging a leg to the side and back, allowing the water to create resistance, you can strengthen your hip muscles and inner thigh.

Upper Body

Kneel in the tub so your upper body is under the water and perform some arm circles by stretching them straight out from your sides and working them in small circles. You can also use the buoyancy the water creates to do some easy tricep work by placing your hands on the bench while sitting and lifting your body up and down. Increase your speed to increase the difficulty.

Post Workout

It may be tempting to jump into the hot tub as soon as you’ve finished your workout, but you should allow your body to cool down beforehand. Take some time for a post workout cool down outside of the hot tub and make sure to hydrate yourself thoroughly. Once your body has re-adjusted to a normal temperature, spending time in the hot tub will not only be relaxing but can be recuperative as well. The increase in blood circulation revitalizes your muscles with oxygen allowing them to repair and rebuild.

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